Friday , 17 November 2017
Weed Runner Game App on Android

Weed Runner Game App on Android

Weed Runner is another great time-killer for cannabis gamers. Whenever I am stuck in a long line or another boredom-inspiring situation, I can always pop up my app and be entertained. The reason why I enjoy this app is because it’s a smooth adventure game that won’t require me to be stuck within the game for any set amount of time. When the line disappears and I’m up at the DMV, I can just shove my phone back into my pocket and step up. I don’t have to worry about losing progress or achievements if I don’t always have time to save and exit.

Weed Runner is rated at 3.5 and that’s pretty accurate as you won’t find endless adventure. It’s not a game you’re going to have a deep relationship with. More like one that is your go-to when you have a few minutes to kill, or one you check on at the end of the night after you have played out your other favorites. I like Weed Runner actually for its mindlessness and cannabis graphics. You will find all sorts of images like blunts and bongs, handcuffs and nightsticks that you will need on this infinite game.

Players will fly their ganja character about while avoiding obstacles and gaining power-ups. There is an easy and a hard mode, and the game is controlled by swipe and touch. Players will enjoy 20 different missions where completing those achievements will provide them with 100 extra coins for future games.

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