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Watering Your Plants

Watering Your Plants

Precise and consistent watering is a major factor in successful marijuana cultivation. Water accounts for more than 80% of the weight of a living plant and like most anything, it serves as an indispensable element to the existence of plant life. Water supplies the hydrogen necessary for plant growth; it keeps plants sturdy, strong, and acts as a building material. It also works as a transportation medium while helping to keep the plants cool. Naturally, water is an essential element in the growth of marijuana and cannabis plants rely on it to survive.

When plants start to wilt, one of the first things you should check is whether the plants have been receiving enough water at appropriate intervals.


Caused from watering too often, over-watering is a common mistake of novice growers. Marijuana doesn’t like soggy soil. Too much water wateringplantssdeprives the plant of oxygen and can stifle growth, decrease potency, and leave your pot plant prone to attack from stem rot. Saturated soil can also cause an imbalance in the nutrient solution or drain vital nutrients from the soil before the plant has time to absorb them.

An important thing to remember is that when marijuana is over-watered, it exhibits similar symptoms of a plant that is dying from being under watered. The plant will go limp; its leaves will fade from green yellow and will wilt and fall. It is common for a novice grower to continue to misinterpret the signs and give it more water and fertilizer, not knowing that they are essentially giving the plant a massive overdose.

Just check the soil. If you find that you have been over-watering and are quick enough to catch the mistake, refrain from watering the plants until the top 3-4 inches of the medium are completely dry. Then, gradually reinvigorate your plants by feeding them fresh and tepid water.


Because it has less of a long term impact when compared to over-watering, under-watering your marijuana plant is less of an issue, but vital to avoid. The signs are easily recognized. An under watered cannabis plant exhibits similar characteristics to an over-watered plant except that when the soil becomes dry and the plant begins to wilt the leaves shrivel and look decimated as opposed to directly falling off. If you find that your plants are under watered, immediately water the plants and revisit them in an hour or two, by this time the marijuana plants should have picked up with no noticeable damage.

Regular visits to your grow room will help you understand the watering needs of your plant. Poke your finger two or three inches into the plant’s growing medium. If the medium is moist and the plant looks healthy, upright, and strong, your watering schedule is good to go. After a few trials, you will know approximately how much water the pots can hold. Happy Growing!

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Michaela Magaraci

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