Friday , 17 November 2017
Throwback Thursday Weed Memorabilia

Throwback Thursday Weed Memorabilia

I have always been eternally fascinated with weed products, and not just the newest items. I absolutely love to come across yard sale items of those old pharmacopeia product days. I’ve found a few lately that were worth sharing.

Pitfalls of Youth 1936

This one made me laugh for a couple of reasons. First, it’s for sale on eBay for $42,000. This vintage marijuana propaganda poster warns of several dire consequences of smoking the marihuana. Wild youth on rampage! Half-naked woman smoking a joint on the cover with her tit out. Her tit is vintage marijuana posteractually out! But it’s nipple-less, because just like today. showing a lady smoking a joint is still much easier to tolerate than an anatomically correct breast. This ‘timely warning’ was pretty much just the same reefer madness.. madness and it’s entire premises was just outright, blatant lies. To the prohibition crowd, smoking cannabis lead one to do anything from jump mindlessly from the top of the highest buildings, to rape, murder, bestiality. Those same scaremongers also targeted youth who were any shade of brown with their anti-cannabis campaign. It’s  amazingly disgusting that even after ignoring the wrong lessons of the earliest ‘drug war’ model, reefer madness prohibition, decades later our country went on to actually prosecuting and persecuting, once again, the brown kids, as if they were ever really the only ones doing the drugs.


Antique Apothecary Narcotic Jar

This discovery also gave me a giggle, then a shiver. That’s a lot of narcotics there. The item appears to be from the 60’s or 70’s and actually has a made in China stamp on the bottom of the drawer. That could explain it. China is fairly famous for doing extreme products based on American ideas. In this case, apparently it was sold as a great place to keep every narcotic available to man. It is pretty cool. Though I’m not sure I’d want it laying around on top of my fridge for visitors to peruse.


Vintage Redheaded Stepchild Tinredheaded stepchild

I think I now feel like I have been privileged enough to even get to type that in anywhere to be published on the internet. Moving on. While this item isn’t actually authentic vintage, but a recreated product, I feel like I should have ordered it yesterday. I happen to be something close to a redheaded stepchild, though I am actually adopted, it seems a similar concept, and I’ve certainly been called such by fun poking friends over the years. Regardless, apparently the marihuana that is contained within this tin can help cure everything from cancer to scurvy. Sheesh, it was hard enough being a redheaded stepchild. Scurvy would have been horrible.

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