Tuesday , 21 November 2017
Three Important Legal Pot Laws

Three Important Legal Pot Laws

If you plan to be traveling or moving to a state that has legal use for this amazing plant, you may want to be sure you are in-tune with cannabis laws. Don’t let your buzz be ruined by going in uninformed. Here are three laws you should keep in mind when heading to a legal state.

You Can’t Just Blaze Up Anywhere

Even though Washington State and Colorado both now allow recreational use, they do not allow public smoke outs. 7233855_sWhile Colorado does have many options in places to smoke, such as private homes or pro-smoking public establishments, Washington State simply has a no blazing weed anywhere that could be considered public, law.

You Can Smoke it, But You Can’t Buy it!

While Washington state does have recreational cannabis laws, they have yet to create businesses who can sell it. So if you were planning your spring break in Seattle, you’re probably going to have to wait until next year. If you live there and travel there you can smoke all you want. But don’t forget that recreational cannabis laws still prevent you from smoking down in public. A double dose of good news is on the horizon for Washington residents though. Recently the Washington State Liquor Control Board did grant the first license to a grower in Spokane.

Don’t Fly High With Weed

While the recent decriminalization policy for the fed may have an impact on this issue eventually, as law stands now, you should never try to board a plane with pot in your possession. While there are reports that some airports will actually allow passengers through security with less than an ounce, bringing your pot aboard a plane with you is still illegal under current federal regulations. Denver airport also still currently supports the high flying weed ban.

Do you think the house blocking the DEA from targeting medical marijuana patients and dispensaries will affect these three laws soon? Or are we up for more years of battle in these areas?


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