Friday , 24 November 2017
THC University Grow Education

THC University Grow Education


This online University currently offers 2 different certifications with plans in the works for a third. If you are involved in the green rush in any way, as a grower or vendor, there will soon be advanced educational opportunities for you.

Only 50 students per month are accepted at THC University and students must apply in order to be accepted. If a student is accepted they will be required to register within 7 days. There are over 13 courses available and every student will receive one-on-one instruction when needed. One of the best elements of THC U is that students can take their classes on their own schedules, and can expect to receive the gold standard in 21st century education.

These classes are great for professionals seeking training or just home hobbyists seeking to expand their knowledge in this industry. Students pay only $200 for 30 days of access to this valuable educational tool.

Apply for the Master Grower Certificate or the BudTender Certification if you are working on the growing side of the cannabis industry. If you are planning to attain vendor status, stay tuned to THC U for their upcoming Responsible Vendor Program.

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