Sunday , 24 September 2017
Texans Accused of Two Colorado Dispensary Robberies

Texans Accused of Two Colorado Dispensary Robberies

Durango, Colorado — Authorities now have two 17 year olds in custody for entering a Colorado dispensary wearing bandanas, sunglasses and cowboy hats and stealing a jar of weed. They also pepper sprayed several workers. Employees provided a description of the teens as well as their car and Texas authorities quickly found them in Corsicana, Texas.

In another incident, a man entered a Pueblo West dispensary, forced the owner at gunpoint into a room and ripped their phones off the wall. He stole a large amount of cannabis and related products. A person in the store called 911 and local deputies arrested him as he escaped.

Dispensary robberies are presenting an ever increasing security issue for the owners. It would do many well to remember that these businesses will protect their businesses, lives and those of their employees with brute force if necessary.

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