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DaVinci Portable Review

I am always on the lookout for a good portable. The best part of that is that I almost never ‘port’ with my weed in hand. Virginia is a very dangerous state to ride with. And if you live here and do so, shame on you for your ignorance. You better not have kids, and I don’t just mean in ... Read More »

Video Reviews for 2 of Our Best Marketplace Vaporizers

Two of our marketplace’s best selling vaporizers aren’t just famous with us. They are quite literally, world-class favorites. Let’s take a look at the two great vapes video’s reviews of well-known YouTube 420 celebrities. So here’s Video Reviews for 2 of Our Best Marketplace Vaporizers! Mizz420 shows you how to use a Volcano Vaporizer   And don’t forget to ... Read More »

Vapir Rise Vaporizer

The Vapir Rise is a fabulous little tabletop machine that features a forced-air system that can be used as a balloon style vaporizer or can easily be converted to a whip-style unit. It also comes with all the attachments to make it useful for blended dry herbs, wax blends, and oils. From my research, although there are hundreds of units ... Read More »

Delta 9 Omicron Lite

The Omicron Lite Vaporizer is a standard 3.7v unit that is compatible with all oils. The Omicron Lite incorporates upgraded electronics that help it stand out as one of the best entry-level oil vaporizers. It features the KISS cartridge used by many vaporizers that allows you to dab your wax mixture right onto the atomizer. I used to have a ... Read More »

Vapor Blunt Pinnacle

Vapor Blunt’s Pinnacle is a convection-type, direct-draw vaporizer for dry-blended herbs. It is compact, portable, and has a one-button on/off system em with an auto-kill feature that initiates after 10 minutes of non-use. The Pinnacle Vaporizer comes with a “bullet”, which is the removable bowl that is built with a screen on the bottom that allows the hot air to ... Read More »

White Rhino Liquid Vaporizer

The White Rhino Liquid Vaporizer is a pen-style vaporizer perfect for oils and e-juices,  holds just about 1.6 ml of my favorite oil it its no-leak tank, and when fully charged, the battery lasts up to 48 hours. The on/off button features the standard 5-clicks on, 5-clicks off mechanism that keeps it (most of the time) from powering on while ... Read More »

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

The Zephyr Ion is a forced-air vaporizer that works with a bag. However, it has a cross function that allows for a direct draw using a glass wand. Functionality and durability was key when Zephyr orchestrated the design of the Ion vaporizer. I’m a sucker for the ceramic heating element and stainless steel filling chamber models and feel they lock ... Read More »

Vaporite Blown Vaporizer

The Vaporite Blown vaporizer is a classic whip-style, tabletop, forced-air vaporizer. It is somewhat portable, but this vaporizer is a fixture in my home and it never leaves the house. The heating element is constructed of ceramic Ni-chrome. It’s accuracy in displaying the temperature is hands down one of its finer characteristics and makes it a high quality vaporizer.  A downside ... Read More »

Pulsar Buck Naked

The Pulsar Buck Naked Vaporizer is a portable pen-style vaporizer that is compatible with e-juices, not wax. It’s compact and discreet design ensure that you can use this product anywhere or anytime. It features a one-button activation system for quick vaporization and heats up to vaporizing temperatures within a matter of seconds. Just fill the cartridge with your favorite juice ... Read More »

Atmos Nail 510 Vaporizer

The Atmos Nail 510 is a pen-style portable vaporizer that works with thick or thin waxy or essential oils. It comes with 2 different chambers for either liquid oils or concentrated waxes. The Atmos Nail 510 features a double-air circulation system inside the cartridge and a double atomizer system. I haven’t had to do so, but Atmos claims that you ... Read More »

Pulsar Ninja Vaporizer

The Pulsar Ninja vaporizer is a pen-style vaporizer used with thick oils or waxy concentrates only. Using the standard one button on/off switch by clicking 5 times to turn on and clicking 5 times to turn off, the Pulsar Ninja utilizes an advanced atomizer to vaporize the oil or wax instead of a wick system found in other vaporizers. I ... Read More »

Atmos Stratus Vaporizer

The Atmos Stratus Vaporizer is a small and sleek pen-style unit that’s portable, discreet, and can easily be used anywhere without drawing attention. No on/off button! The unit is powered as you inhale. Unlike the Nail, the Stratus features an auto-draw heat activation system that make it very simple to operate for an immediate vaporized hit. Simply inhale through the ... Read More »