Friday , 17 November 2017

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A Year in Marijuana in Uruguay

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — It’s been just over a year since Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica signed a law creating the world’s first nationalized market for the cultivation, sale and consumption of marijuana. The implementation of this historic law was part of a landmark year for cannabis. Recreational pot stores opened in Colorado and Washington State, while three other US states voted ... Read More »

Uruguay’s Boom Highlights the Dawn of International Cannabis Industry

As Green Technology Solutions, Inc. GTSO, -18.79% preps new product offerings to service the rising cannabis industry in the United States, ancillary business is now exploding in Uruguay, the South American nation that legalized cannabis in 2013. Some experts are calling Uruguay’s reforms the dawn of a new, international cannabis industry. Uruguay’s Boom Highlights the Dawn of International Cannabis Industry ... Read More »

Uruguay Needs Growers for their Legalization Program

It looks like Uruguay has sent out a call for American Growers to join them in their nationalized legalization efforts. Even though the United States is still failing in their attempts to justify the nearly 100 year old war on marijuana, Uruguay is working hard on a smooth national legalization policy. Even though the current projection for the Uruguay cannabis ... Read More »