Tuesday , 19 September 2017

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New Medical Marijuana Law Rankles Top Cannabis Industry Investor

California lawmakers quietly passed Friday the state’s most significant medical-marijuana legislation in almost two decades, but some leaders in the space worry that the law’s good intentions could get lost in the weeds. Paving the way for what supporters say is a much-needed regulatory framework for the state’s multibillion-dollar medical-cannabis industry, the California Senate and Assembly voted to approve the ... Read More »

MassRoots Applies to be First Cannabis Company on Nasdaq

Marijuana social networking app MassRoots announced Monday that it has applied to be listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market. If accepted, the company would be the first cannabis technology firm on the exchange. MassRoots Applies to be First Cannabis Company on Nasdaq The Denver-based company MSRT, +2.21%  , founded in April 2013, has been listed on the OTC Markets Group’s ... Read More »

GTSO: Popularity of Cannabis Edibles Continues to Rise

Across the country, the market for cannabis edibles is booming—but some consumers and regulators still have concerns about the THC-infused foods. Green Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: GTSO) is working to deliver superior new edibles products that are more reliable and delicious than ever before. “Edibles are such a new industry that a great deal of innovation is yet to come” ... Read More »

Cannabis Credit Union a No Go

Besides hollow gestures by the federal government that said they are willing to let the banking industry to work with business in the marijuana industry, not long ago a denial of a Colorado credit union by the nation’s centralized banking operation implies a different behavior altogether. Cannabis Credit Union a No Go The Fourth Corner Credit Union in Denver applied ... Read More »

The State of Cannabis Science Inc

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has been moving up steadily off $0.02 lows on accelerating volume. CBIS takes advantage of its unique understanding of metabolic processes to provide novel treatment approaches to a number of illnesses for which current treatments and understanding remain unsatisfactory. Cannabinoids have an extensive history dating back thousands of years, and currently, there are a growing number of ... Read More »

Marijuana Stocks to Watch in 2015

What a long strange trip the cannabis stock industry has been so far, right? This obvious ‘growth’ driven industry has endured a rocky trail blazing from its origins in California many decades ago with medical marijuana to the latest mega-growth going on in states like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Everything from consulting services to biotech industries have sprung up ... Read More »

Are Cannabis Stocks the Place to Be?

The three major cannabis stocks have all witnessed an amazing upswing this last week or so. CBDS, CNAB, and CANV have seen notable increases which certainly seems to justify giving attention towards the industry. Their involvement with various aspects of the Marijuana industry makes all 3 options more stable bets than other Marijuana-oriented penny stocks that focus on one aspect. ... Read More »

3 Top Publicly Traded Marijuana Companies

With Cannabis legal in two states now, even sites like Forbes have taken interest in sharing information on marijuana businesses. They are set to be some of the fastest growing, profit reaping businesses in the country. We wanted to take a look at at least 3 of them here. Novus Acquisition & Development (+3,100%) — This, so far, very lucrative ... Read More »

Cannabis Kinetics Corp OTCBB:CANK Slow but Steady Growth

  Read more about this cannabis stock’s projections here. Read More »

Trading Marijuana Stocks

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Four Marijuana Stock Promoters Charged with Manipulation

Four Charged in Marijuana Stock Manipulation Yesterday, the SEC charged four stock gurus with manipulating marijuana stocks earlier this year. The charge was for the manipulation of several micro cap companies including the ever popular Growlife, Inc. and and Hemp Inc. Both of these stocks experienced parabolic gains in the first couple months of the year, and it appears as though the ... Read More »

Three Green Rush Cannabis Stocks to Watch

The green rush has definitely bored its way into American investor’s blood. 22 states now have medical marijuana legalized. Washington State and Colorado are open for recreational business. Just over the last two years, cannabis companies have risen by more than 50% in 2013. By the opening of 2014, cannabusiness had risen by 150%. Publicly traded marijuana stocks such as ... Read More »