Friday , 17 November 2017

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Processing Hemp from Field to Textile Fiber

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How to Make Hemp Rope

You’ll find more than one farmer who will tell you that a hemp rope lasted them a veritable lifetime. They’ll probably still have one laying around, decades old, barely worn. That’s because hemp rope is known for being incredibly strong, flexible, and outright tough. You don’t need a thick hemp rope to hold some serious weight. The thickness of your ... Read More »

Playtime is Over, Can We Take It To the Bank Now?

Americans are taking a more active role in their freedoms by listening and asking questions about new truths that surface for them regarding marijuana and what it can do for not only terminally ill people, but  for our debt riffled country. Government entities are being held accountable more than ever as more and more people get involved in the full role of their ... Read More »

Hemp Vs. Marijuana

As states continue to weigh out the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, many constituents are not receiving the information based on the whole idea that includes the production of industrial hemp. Hemp is a crop that is very much not a drug but rather an agricultural commodity that can be exported, manufactured into durable merchandise, and can replace the ... Read More »