Friday , 20 October 2017

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Hemp Arrives in South Carolina

Walk along the aisles of Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare or health food and supplement specialty stores and you’ll see hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp milk and hemp oil. Hemp versus Marijuana Both hemp and marijuana come from the same plant cannabis sativa, but the difference between the two basically lies in its level of tetrahydrocannabinol, or ... Read More »

Cannabis Oil Last Hope for Texas Child with Epilepsy

In June, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that legalized the use of cannabis oil for epilepsy patients, making Texas the 16th state to allow access to limited medical use of marijuana-derived oils. Cannabis Oil Last Hope for Texas Child with Epilepsy “A lot of Texans are ready to see access to medical marijuana for those patients that ... Read More »

Bad Cannabis Oil Puts Ill Children in Danger

While the desperation of parents seeking cannabis oil to treat their chronically or even critically ill children is more than understandable, the sheer need alone has already produced at least one nefarious manufacturer. Some parents in Victoria, B.C., have received a substance touted as cannabis oil that was concocted of nothing but methylated spirits, alcohol and water. An analyst for ... Read More »

Elderly High on Medical Marijuana Dance in the Kitchen


“Without pain, I can move my body much better than before. I’m relaxed. My mood is better. I actually find myself dancing to the music. That’s amazing,” the 86-year-old rug-cutter explains to Monterey County journalist, Dennis Taylor. Now that is a pretty good deal! So, cannabis reform has resulted in the Elderly getting high on medical marijuana and it’s causing ... Read More »

You Live and Speak for Many Others Now Miss Vivian!

This time last year, with his half-hearted signature to Senate Bill 2842 instead of the dreaded veto that New Jersey legislators feared, Governor Chris Christie allowed an amendment to make marijuana medicinal edibles available to all registered and prescribed patients with approved illnesses proving necessary for improving life. He later amended that bill to reflect that the medicinal marijuana edibles ... Read More »