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Senate Panel Considers Effects of Legalizing Cannabis

“I just want to be clear for everybody, there will be no opposition people testifying today.” That was one caveat Senator Joe Kyrillos wanted to note for the record as discussion began at today’s Judiciary Committee hearing, stacked, as it was, with supporters of cannabis legalization. Chairman Nick Scutari is the sponsor of the so-called “medical marijuana law” and a ... Read More »

Tour Seattle’s Cannabis Culture

There are local tours for wine, spirits and beer. Now the latest Washington craft industry has a tour of its own too. Cannabis. Michael Gordon is the co-founder of Kush Tourism, a Seattle company that, among other things, gives guided tours to places involved in Seattle budding marijuana business. “We’re always fighting against the public stigma and we think one ... Read More »

Governor Martin O’Malley to Hold Cannabis Legalization Listening Session

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley touts his progressive cannabis law reform history in a press release announcing a marijuana legalization listening session in Denver, Colorado, this Thursday. The event will be held at the office of Vicente Sederberg, a law firm that has been instrumental in legalizing and regulating cannabis in Colorado. Could this be an early signal Governor O’Malley ... Read More »

Misinformed Cannabis Policies Prevent Access to Life-Saving Treatments

Interpreting scientific evidence isn’t always an easy task: it involves assessing a massive set of studies and sometimes coming up against competing findings. Take the issue of cannabis potency, for example, which is in the news again with the Canadian federal government’s recent anti-cannabis television advertisements. These ads claim that cannabis potency has increased on average by up to 400 ... Read More »

Delaware House Decriminalizes Possession of Cannabis

Last Tuesday, Delaware House lawmakers approved legislation that would treat simple cannabis possession and personal use by adults like a traffic violation. This would replace the current criminal penalties that come with expensive fines. This bill was passed in a House vote by 24 to 14. It will now head to the Senate. Delaware Gov. Jack Markell does support the ... Read More »

The Marijuana Effect

The Marijuana Effect on Marijuana Connect Read More »

Cook County to Dismiss Minor Cannabis Cases

In Cook County, Illinois, the state attorney has proclaimed that they are changing their ways when it comes to prosecuting low-level drug offenses, and those will include the dismissal of cannabis cases that are misdemeanors. “If someone is caught with a misdemeanor amount of marijuana, the state’s attorney’s office will no longer prosecute that case,” Cook County office spokesperson Sally ... Read More »

Marijuana is Now Legal Everywhere

Yep. It’s over. Marijuana is Now Legal Everywhere. Early this morning the UN issued an announcement that they would now hold countries responsible for torture and crimes against humanity if they failed to recreationally legalize the world’s most harmless plant. Yes, everyone who is 18 years old, by the end of 2015, will be able to purchase marijuana legally in ... Read More »

What Marijuana Legalization Really Means for America

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Will Cannabis Legalization Impact the Alcohol Industry?

Is the beer industry worried that people will now spend their money on pot instead of beer? If so, they likely have good reason to be.  According to Businessweek, early research has shown that cannabis legalization has “pointed to a decline” in alcohol sales. Research from 2012 found that “alcohol sales declined about five percent in states that legalized medical marijuana.” ... Read More »

Arkansas Legalization Proposals Show Promise

The efforts to legalize for recreational or medicinal use in Arkansas has certainly had its fair share of hurdles and roadblocks. However, efforts are geared towards making Arkansas one of the first southern states to legalize medicinal or recreational cannabis. That is, if any of the three ballot measures have success in the 2016 election. While one of the measures ... Read More »

New York Times Tells the US to Grow Up on Cannabis Reform

While many states have recently defied federal legislation and initiated new legislation of their own, on the federal level, individuals who grow, use or transport cannabis can still be treated as criminals and subject to years in prison, fines and seizure of property. Due to the Controlled Substances Act that still regards cannabis under the spelling marihuana, it seems there ... Read More »