Wednesday , 22 November 2017

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Cannabis Research Leaders Just Combined Forces To Get Investors Talking

Giadha Aguirre DeCarcer saw the data powering big-money decisions to back private companies or consider public buyouts and wondered why there no one was doing the same for the legal cannabis industry. The one-time investment banker and consultant began attending the sector’s budding event circuit, pitching a Bloomberg for cannabis data. Her Washington D.C.-based startup, New Frontier Financial, began to publish reports ... Read More »

New Medical Marijuana Law Rankles Top Cannabis Industry Investor

California lawmakers quietly passed Friday the state’s most significant medical-marijuana legislation in almost two decades, but some leaders in the space worry that the law’s good intentions could get lost in the weeds. Paving the way for what supporters say is a much-needed regulatory framework for the state’s multibillion-dollar medical-cannabis industry, the California Senate and Assembly voted to approve the ... Read More »

The First Cannabis Investors Webcast

On September 30th, 2014, the first online Cannabis Investor Webcast will be held. This webcast is aimed at helping to connect privately-held as well as publicly traded industrials, with analysts, investors, media and ultimately the consumers. The webcast is set to be run monthly and will include live presentations, and Q & A sessions carried out by CEO’s, CFO’s and ... Read More »