Friday , 17 November 2017
Saturday Morning Cool Cannabis Products on Marijuana Connect

Saturday Morning Cool Cannabis Products on Marijuana Connect

In a break from our regular Saturday Morning Cartoons and Comedy, let’s take a look at some uniquely created cannabis products!

Saturday Morning Cool Cannabis Products on Marijuana Connect

These three unique products caught my eye this week and I absolutely had to share them here with you!

Stash Box Watch


Legal state or not, it always feels cool to have a secret stash spot, a secret room, a secret friend, hell, we all have our secrets! I am sad though that this watch isn’t one of mine. Made by the Long Island, N.Y.-based company Vaporite, this watch comes in two varieties: One has a hidden grinder for grinding your buds into shake for joint-rolling ease, and one has a hidden stash box for carrying around your weed on the sly. The company claims both compartments are smell-proof, which certainly doesn’t make me like these nifty timepieces any less. And yes, these are real, working watches.

Price: $39.99

a-VAPECASE-640x468iPhone Case with Built-in Vape

If you’re like most people these days and find yourself physically unable to put your phone down most hours of the day, you’ll love this handy-dandy gadget. But maybe don’t plan on using this in public areas if you’re not in a legal state, or if you are, because it’s still illegal then in most public areas at most times. With four different heat settings, you can control exactly how big a hit you want to take. It’s not discreet in any way, but again, a great way to smoke your stash without having to put your phone down.

Price: $69.99


 Personal Air Filter

Well, if this doesn’t beat the crap out of blowing smoke into a pillow or a tube filled with dryer sheets, I don’t know what will. It’s a personal air filter that eliminates smoke and odors. Smoke goes in, clean air comes out. This comes in handy in many places, not just if you’re still stuck living with the ‘rents. It can be a real problem to smoke in some buildings, apartments or otherwise, so having a handy item around to disperse that stanky smell into will help a lot if you want to keep your place, or not be thrown out for being an intense smoker who almost never stops smoking down. They also make these Smoke Buddy’s in pocket sizes.

Price: $19.95


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