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A Quick Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

A Quick Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Make room 420, 710 is the new number. Flip it upside down and you’ll see why. 710 is the word OIL spelled upside down. Oils are the fabric of cannabis concentrates, a wall to wall term applied to any product which involves the process of refining buds into a cleaner and more powerful product. Like 420, the same principles exist, 710 is the time and term dabbers everywhere apply to the process of enjoying the hazy, cosmic elation that is cannabis concentrates. This alphanumeric phenomenon is evocative of the true spirit of cannabis innovation that exists within the concentrate community, which is so big right now; it’s become its very own genre of cannasseurs.


Dabbing is an active noun and applies to the process of dropping concentrates onto a hot surface and inhaling the residual vapors. In the cannabis world, the process of dabbing is the wild child of the traditional means of consuming the one and only marijuana plant.
Dabs, otherwise known as cannabis concentrates, are small amounts of refined cannabis resin. The central elements of this resin are cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, which are responsible for the plant’s euphoric and medicinal properties. This resin also contains numerous terpenes and terpenoids which contribute to the perceived differences in the psychoactivity and aromatic flavor profile of different marijuana strains. The result is a megastrong form of weed that delivers a ‘feels like the first time’ high.


All concentrates derive from the process of extraction, a procedure where marijuana’s main ingredients are concentrated into an essential oil. The main three solvents used to create dabs are Butane CO2 and Isoprophyl Alcohol. After extractions the results can look very different.


Concentrating cannabis is nothing new, and is said to have been around since the early 60’s but in lieu of recent changes in marijuana policy across the nation, concentrates are getting a second wind, and innovations in refined cannabis are unfolding before us in a big way.


The current popularity of concentrates is huge. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for dispensaries to carry more forms of them than they do actual weed. With the entrance of the marijuana industry into the national market place, cannaseurs are looking to brand as many ways to concentrate cannabis as possible. Seeking to answer questions such as how flavorful can cannabis be? Or, how potent can it become? With all of this ambition, it’s as if new concentrated products are appearing every day. No complaints here, but keeping up can be tricky.

The Roots

The important thing to remember when considering concentrated cannabis is that while manufacturers apply various names to their concentrates, they are all derivatives of three basic forms:

  • Honey Oil or BHO (Butane Hash Oil) – Is a sticky, gooey, and potent concentration of marijuana that is widespread in both the national and local pot smoking scenes today. Hash oil is the least refined of the concentrates and is often referred to as honey oil because of its full flavor profile, consistency, and color.
  • Budder (wax) – Is an opaque hash oil with a creamy consistency and often reaches THC levels of up to 70%. Budders are made by whipping the extract during the purging processes. Whipping the concentrate adds air into it, making it froth and become more of a solid as it cools.
  • Shatter (glass) – Shatter is smooth, clear, and solid. Shatter is the purest and most potent form of concentrate because it undergoes a second extraction process which removes lipids, fats, and waxes. This procedure can result in over 80% THC content.

Concentrates are evolving everywhere, but the important thing to remember that manufacturers are evolving by branching off of these three basic forms and experimenting with new ways to innovate them. All three styles can be used in vape pens and oil rigs, but finding the right concentrate for you is a matter of preference. My suggestion is, try them all. One dab of marijuana concentrates intoxicating oil can jam pack the same potency of an entire joint, sending any super smoker into stoner bliss.


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Michaela Magaraci

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