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Prune that Plant

Prune that Plant

There are many ways to achieve bigger yields in your garden. Pruning is a horticultural practice growers have used for ages and is the process of keeping plants trim and tidy as a means to encourage growth. When it comes to cannabis, pruning is one of the most basic but important methods used to produce higher yields.

The process of pruning involves clipping the branches of a plant in order to increase the number of node sites. A node is any place on the branches or stem where leaves emerge and where a new branch begins to grow. Increasing nodes is a way of increasing the amount of bud a plant can produce because the node sites will become bud sites as the plant begins to flower.

To prune your plant, cut any branch at a 45 degree angle just above an existing node. For every clipped branch, two new stems will grow from the nearest node sites. From those branches, more nodes eventually appear. Although plants branch out and increase their own node sites naturally, the process of pruning gives the plant a boost by helping her branch out more often.

Pruning Tips

  • Never pluck the growing tips by hand as this can shock the plant. You will want to use a pair of small scissors or a razor. A good clean snip will do.
  • Prune every second or third node instead of the entire plant. When growing tips are removed, the plant gets stressed and takes time to recover before new growth can continue.
  • Trim off the excess interior leaves. They waste energy and block light and air movement. This directs energy upwards to the colas at the top of the plant. This practice also keeps gardens clean by allowing more airflow and minimizes the risk of pests and mold formation.
  • Top the plants. Essentially, topping produces more bud sites near the top of the plant. Simply cut or pinch off the top shoot just above a lower pair of nodes. The plant will divide its energy and create several new tops. These sites have access to direct light and therefore produce better budding than shaded, lower-level bud sites.
  • Prune your growing tips in the morning, rather than the evening, as it gives the plant a full day to recover and heal.

It’s important to establish a pruning strategy when developing your plants. The proper implementation of this process delivers the best characteristics of any successful grow by keeping your garden neat and tidy while producing high yields. Understanding this technique is basic but fundamental and can do wonders for your grow.

About Michaela Magaraci

Michaela Magaraci

Michaela Magaraci is a Denver local, musician, writer, cannabis enthusiast, and contributor to Marijuana Connect.