Friday , 24 November 2017
Protect Your Grow in the Winter

Protect Your Grow in the Winter

Those who have grow operations in states that aren’t quite legal yet likely already have a long list of tips and tricks they utilize throughout the year. Keeping electricity bills down is important. Providing a barrier for smell between the house and the public is important and of course, privacy and secrecy are very, very important. But are those the only elements you have to be aware of to protect your grow in the winter?

Protect Your Grow in the Winter Where it Snows

If you’re in a more tropical climate, the winter months may pose no extra safety risk to your grow operation. However, if you live where there is a chance of snow, keep this in mind. This year in the Netherlands, cannabis growers are being arrested by Dutch police in droves after being caught by melting snow. The winter weather has given them another method for tracking those with larger grow operations within house or business structures.

The warmth required for cannabis farms usually makes them hotter than surrounding properties, meaning the one house in the street with a bare roof may have more inside than bad loft insulation. In Zutphen, Gelderland, an indoor grow farm containing 88 marijuana plants was found in a bedroom and in Arnhem, two properties were raided resulting in several arrests.

Again, snow proved to be the growers’ undoing, with a statement from the Dutch police saying neighbors had noticed there was “no snow on the roof of the building, unlike surrounding properties”, as well as detecting telling “odors”.

If this is a problem in your area, you may want to go with some really good added insulation for your grow room during the winter months, or move your grow to the lowest floor in the structure when and where possible.

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