Friday , 17 November 2017
Oregon Voters Get Tax Estimates on Legalization

Oregon Voters Get Tax Estimates on Legalization

Voters in Oregon will soon get to hear the wide range of estimates on how much cash Oregon could expect to collect of cannabis goes legalized. The director of New Approach Oregon, Anthony Johnson, delivered the signature petitions to the secretary of state’s office on June 26. The blurb appearing in the Oregon Voters Pamphlet will reflect that

“Revenue estimate from taxes when fully implemented may range from $17 million to $40 million annually” if voters approve the marijuana legalization initiative, Measure 91, on the November ballot.”

The current projection on estimates ranges between a low end estimate by the Legislative Revenue Office and a projection of $38.5 million from ECONorthwest. First year revenue has been projected to land anywhere between $16 million and $21.4 million, assuming there are no major glitches in the fledgling system.


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