Friday , 17 November 2017
Nothing is Sacred in the Failed War on Drugs

Nothing is Sacred in the Failed War on Drugs

As if it wasn’t before, it’s official, nothing is actually sacred when it comes to the drug war. There really seems to be no shortage of horror stories or atrocities and crimes against humanity our government allows when it comes to cracking down on substances. Seems kind of crazy when in most cases, drug abusers are only harming themselves. Just in recent times we have heard plenty of nonsense perpetuated by SWAT teams and DEA agents.

Nothing is Sacred. Not One Thing.

It hasn’t been long since a drug task force tossed a flash grenade into a window in the middle of the night and critically injured a child. The crime that led them to carry out this raid was that a man had sold drugs to a police informant, on the street, and the task force thought he was in the raided home. The window they threw the grenade into was just above the crib of a very small child.

In what world does a ‘middle of the night’ raid on a home where children, elderly people, good house watching dogs and scared people pulling guns because someone broke their door, sound like a good idea? Why couldn’t they wait and nab the accused drug dealer again at his corner spot where he sells? I hate to sound paranoid, but I see no logical reason why this would be carried out in this manner if not for money. Repossessing homes, cars, valuables. The laws protect them and give them these rights on any items confiscated in a drug related charge. It’s highly disgusting that the sale of a drug dealers home is worth more to them than not just anyone they may kill in the raided home, but the officers themselves. How do they bring themselves to risk their lives for a capitalist drug war that destroys so many lives unfairly?

I’d love to hear from someone in law enforcement who can answer that.

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