Friday , 17 November 2017
Keep an Eye on Your Politicians

Keep an Eye on Your Politicians

It is incredibly easy to keep up with all of your local politicians voting records, donor lobbyists and special interest. There are several apps, pages and interactive programs that can help. Depending on the type of devices you prefer, you should be able to find a spiffy program or app to suit your needs. Those without smartphones or up-to-date mobile devices also have choices.


Even without a smartphone, there are plenty of sites that have collaborated just what you need to keep an eye on your politicians.

A Running List of All the Politicians Who Support Marijuana Legalization

The U.S. Senators And Governors Who Support Legalizing Marijuana

Did your local politician promise to vote for cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes and then didn’t? The best places to keep up with votes hitting the floors are to do searches for Marijuana or Cannabis on the following sites.

Gov Track Us

Roll Call Votes

Do you want to know who is donating to your local politician? Or any of them for that matter. Greenhouse is a browser add-on marijuanaconnect121that will allow you to discover the role money is playing in your politics. It integrates with Safari, Chrome and Firefox.


Have you ever wondered who supports that product you were about to purchase? Buy Partisan allows users to scan the UPC barcode on any given product to find out which party has supported the makers of that item.

If you need to gauge the political temperature in your area, try out the Political 3D map to get a better feel.

In a time where people are trying harder to be socially responsible with their votes, their purchases and even on where they move to, the above apps or helpful add-ons should make decision maker a lot easier.


Do you have a favorite political app or add-on to share?


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