Friday , 24 November 2017
Introduction To Indoor Growing

Introduction To Indoor Growing

Having recently indulged in my first grow project, I have been endlessly searching YouTube for the best newbie grow guide I could find. I went in search of a guide that would cover:

  • Beginners Grow Tips
  • Affordable Alternatives in Equipment
  • Grow Room Management
  • Electricity Issues
  • Harvest

And it may have taken me about 2 weeks to find one, but I believe this video should cover just about everything, short of autoflowering issues, that I set out to find. I hope you enjoy this guide and for me, I went ahead and downloaded it so I can refer back during the various stages of my grow.

And if like myself, you are interested in a bit more in-depth information about grow lights. Check out this Danny Danko video about new LED technologies.


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