Friday , 17 November 2017



The Marijuana Timeline

Cannabis has a very long, albeit somewhat mysterious history that dates back as far as 8000 BCE and quite possibly beyond. There are even those who believe that marijuana could have quite possibly been the word’s first agricultural cash crop. Let’s check out a timeline that includes the history of marijuana and hemp usage as we know it.      READ MORE…

Find Your Local Dispensary on Marijuana Connect

With so many dispensaries cropping up and even some just disappearing, it can be very helpful to know that there is a place you can go to find the best products for your needs. The one nearest you when at all possible. Marijuana Connect wants to fill that growing need as more states continue to legalize cannabis for medicinal and ... Read More »

Not in My Backyard – Dispensary Problems

I can’t deny that I get a bit disheartened whenever I hear about new obstacles placed in the road in front of legal cannabis dispensaries. There certainly has been no shortage of obstacles. That’s for sure. For many years now of medical compassion use, dispensaries have been forced to live on the edge as their states allow medical use, but ... Read More »

The Most Successful Songs about Pot

I’m sure just about every cannabis lover has a favorite song about weed. They have come from just about every genre over the years and it isn’t hard to pick out one or ten really catchy tunes that celebrate the ganja. While there have certainly been some true lyrical and musical treasures created in the weed genre of music, there ... Read More »

Weed and its Bad Rep

While there is no quick and easy answer to this, it certainly doesn’t take much looking back into history to discern why weed and its fans have gotten a bad reputation over the years. Weed and its bad rep began way back in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. Before Reefer Madness, cannabis was used in a variety of medicinals ... Read More »

Educate, Educate, Educate…Make Your Own Decisions & Perform Your Own Research

Today’s aggressive push by supporters to remove cannabis from prohibition is bum-rushing legislators in all 50 states at a very fierce rate of speed. As such, the movement is demanding a quick set of rules so people can “Stay Calm and Smoke On.” However, since the herb plant has been listed a Schedule 1 drug for nearly half a century ... Read More »

THC University Grow Education

This online University currently offers 2 different certifications with plans in the works for a third. If you are involved in the green rush in any way, as a grower or vendor, there will soon be advanced educational opportunities for you. Only 50 students per month are accepted at THC University and students must apply in order to be accepted. ... Read More »

3 Historical Facts about Marijuana

Marijuana has a long and winding path throughout man’s history. And while you can find misinformation on the topic of cannabis just about anywhere on the internet, you can’t dispute the facts we have uncovered over the years through many scientific processes, especially archeology. Taiwan Hemp Cords Our understanding is that though modern humans emerged approximately 250,000 years ago, our ... Read More »

Have the Talk, and Stash Your Stalk

Lead researcher at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center in Denver, Dr. George Sam Wang says, “Coloradans need to have a conversation about how to keep marijuana away from kids before the problem becomes widespread.”  “It’s a trend we need to anticipate and watch going forward, rather than letting it get out of hand,” he says. “We’ve had kids ... Read More »

More Cannabis Science, Less Reefer Madness, Please

I won’t be dishonest about it. I get a tad bit miffed in this day and age when I see news sites, journalist or even bloggers being misleading about cannabis. And that goes both ways. I no more want to see random claims about any false positives of marijuana, than I want to see false negative claims about cannabis usage. ... Read More »