Friday , 17 November 2017



The Marijuana Timeline

Cannabis has a very long, albeit somewhat mysterious history that dates back as far as 8000 BCE and quite possibly beyond. There are even those who believe that marijuana could have quite possibly been the word’s first agricultural cash crop. Let’s check out a timeline that includes the history of marijuana and hemp usage as we know it.      READ MORE…

Marijuana Connect is Having a Weeklong Infographic Extravaganza

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The Cannabis Research that Matters

As I shared on Friday, there seems to be a lot of money spent, all over the world, on researching cannabis. However, the serious investments seem to be only launched at “How weed destroys the brain” or “Lung disease from smoking joints!” and painfully little is spent trying to fully understand what benefits it has. With plenty of hyperbole to ... Read More »

Top 20 Marijuana Websites

It’s always good to have a list for reference. I keep a great setup in my bookmarks to find the most relevant cannabis website to match my current research, but don’t forget, new sites are cropping up every day! Take a look here for some of the most popular and the least popular (but highly valuable) marijuana-related websites. HighTimes – ... Read More »

Talking to Your Children about Cannabis

The most vital thing to remember here is honesty. As long as you are upfront with your children about everything relating to marijuana use, you are giving your children the option of making a fully informed decision. Here’s a few tips about How to Talk to Your Children About Cannabis. BE HONEST – Remember that parents and other adults are ... Read More »

Top Ten Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Infographic

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15 Important Facts About Marijuana Infographic

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Wasted Tax Revenue from Marijuana Prohibition

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History of Marijuana Infographic

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Why Kids Experiment with Drugs

I believe that one of the worst decisions a parent can make is to determine that because they have provided a healthy environment, a loving home and an expensive education for their child, that that child will never make the ‘mistake’ of experimenting with drugs. As a matter of fact, it’s long been proven that the worst way to deal ... Read More »

Get the Money for Your Cannabis Business

Oaksterdam University will now be offering a Webinar how to Meet the Money for Your Cannabis Business. If you plan to or already have your own grow or retail cannabis products, you’ll want to check out this course that will highlight many important factors for budding cannabis businesses. Attendees will learn the insider secrets from a private lender on how ... Read More »

Teen Alcohol and Drug Use Down

With federal data now showing a complete opposite of anti-cannabis right wing claims, teen alcohol and drug use is actually trending downward, even after full legalization now in two states in the U.S. A new article by The Washington Post highlights several ways in which drug and alcohol use have begun to lighten up for teens age 12 to 17. ... Read More »

Vancouver PD Releases Guidelines for Illegal Dispensaries

After several recent raids on illegal dispensaries, Vancouver Police Department has released a few informal guidelines to those who are still running some of the city’s illegal medical marijuana dispensaries. VPD Constable Brian Montague told Cannabis Culture “There are no specific written rules or checklist, but these businesses should use some basic common sense,” VPD. “Don’t market to children. Don’t ... Read More »