Friday , 17 November 2017
Hemp Beer is Here or There…

Hemp Beer is Here or There…

When I wandered over to the High Community this week, I found something truly astounding for many, many reasons. First, it’s an exercise in innovation that I can appreciate. It seems the landlord of the Albert Inn, Giles Hawkins, has decided to make another interesting brew. He’s fairly famous in his realm for special brews, and even though I rarely drink, I can always appreciate a brewmaster’s knowledge, the history they can share and tasting the variety of flavors they can produce.

This time though, Giles has produced a beer even I can jump for joy over. Using hemp leaves grown locally in combination with his brew knowledge, he has created the U.K.’s first hemp beer. His current plan includes producing enough hemp beer to supply his local beer fest coming up next month. But how does this work? I mean, legally and all.

“It’s all legal. It is Government certificated. The chap who is growing the hemp has all the necessary certificates.” Said Hawkins.

Well, that will do it. If I weren’t already endeared to him the fact that he is putting the brew in a bong-shaped container would certainly do it. Ahh, but hemp… actually related to the hops traditional to beers, it doesn’t pack the potency of the lovely cannabis. In fact, Hawkin’s brews will only have a 0.2% THC potency. You can’t get high from that really, not even if you slam a whole case. Which I’d absolutely never recommend, by the way. It is 4% proof.



His biggest problem right now isn’t the legality, but what to name this tasty new brew. If you have an idea, tweet it to the Albert Inn here.

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