Friday , 24 November 2017
Haslam Commits to Signing Cannabis Oil Bill

Haslam Commits to Signing Cannabis Oil Bill

Gov. Bill Haslam, Tennessee,  will sign into law a measure that allows limited usage of cannabis oil for medical reasons.

Haslam Commits to Signing Cannabis Oil Bill

The governor had said several times he wasn’t opposed to the bill, but confirmed Tuesday he could sign the bill as soon as the end of this week.

“We do plan to sign that. Our legal gets it, they review it and then it comes to me. I actually have not gotten it yet, but I think we will in the next day or so,” Haslam told reporters Tuesday in Nashville.

Eligible people would be able to legally use cannabis oil in Tennessee as soon as Haslam signs the law.

From a previous report on this bill,

The bill heads to the governor’s desk after lawmakers in the House and Senate approved the measure Monday evening. The Senate passed the bill by a unanimous 26-0 vote, while the House voted 95-0 a few minutes later.

The measure would allow someone diagnosed with intractable seizures or epilepsy to use cannabis oil that’s low in THC, the psychoactive ingredient that makes marijuana a popular recreational drug.

“Today we have the power to make a real change. These people are suffering, this medication works and is safe,” said Sen. Becky Massey, R-Knoxville.

Last year Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill that allowed for an even more limited pool of people to participate in a study on the use of cannabis oil. Advocates — chiefly parents of children suffering from, in some cases, hundreds of seizures a day — pushed for a wider legalization of the oil.

This is not the medical marijuana bill offered by Republicans in the House and Senate. That bill would have allowed a wider array of people suffering from other conditions to use certain forms of marijuana that was grown, processed and distributed in Tennessee. Lawmakers voted to study the GOP medical marijuana bill over the summer, killing any chance of it passing this session.

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