Thursday , 19 October 2017
Fast start for Seaside’s two cannabis dispensaries

Fast start for Seaside’s two cannabis dispensaries

Today is the first day of recreational sales, and Seaside’s two dispensaries are busy.

Fast Start for Seaside’s Two Cannabis Dispensaries

At noontime, a steady flow of customers perused wares at Cannabis Nation. For those without a medical marijuana license, this was flowers only, as state law does not permit the sale of recreational oils and edibles until Jan. 1. Jars of Mango Haze, Northern Lights and Mr. Nice Guy were on display as customers — none of whom opted to speak on the record — browsed and bought.

Down the street, Highway 420 was busy as well, and many popular strains were already sold out. Customers were advised to park on Avenue S to avoid overcrowding in the parking lot. Owner Steve Geiger, who with his wife Evee sought recreational approval for his business since 2013, worked with patients, many waiting for their turn to select product.

This comes only days after the city of Seaside decided to allow recreational sales at medical dispensaries unimpeded. The city’s moratorium on medical cannabis dispensaries expired in June 2015 and in July, Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill into law allowing existing dispensaries to sell marijuana to all adults beginning Oct. 1. Sales of all cannabis products are currently banned by ordinance from the city’s downtown core.

At Monday night’s council meeting, councilors said they would “wait and see” how the initial three-month recreational sales proceeded before revisiting the matter.

“There are people who say they’ve waited 50 years to do this,” Cannabis Nation’s Garcia said. “Everybody’s who’s coming in here has been really positive, really excited, the whole community has been nothing excited about this here, and it’s been really nice getting to meet all the people.”

As a special thank-you, Garcia said the dispensary was offering pre-rolls — usually $10 — for a penny. “We can’t give away anything, that’s illegal, but people pay a penny, as a celebration,” he said.

“We appreciate all the local people coming through and being so positive,” he added. “It’s been really good. I didn’t expect it to be like this in any way. It’s been one person after another.”

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