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DUI Checkpoint? It’s Cool, Just Stoned Driving.
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DUI Checkpoint? It’s Cool, Just Stoned Driving.

It’s very important for cannabis users to understand that although their state may have legalized in some form, you can be arrested for DUI stoned driving and punished by law as offenders are prosecuted for alcohol laws.  have an entire agency committed to training police officers and other law enforcement officials to develop super powers that certify them Drug Recognition Evaluators (DRE). However, we are still unable to identify a certifiable test that will identify levels of impairment cause by cannabis consumption.


Probably did not get turned around in time.

Although, there are no solid answers at this time, the International Drug Evaluation and Classification (DECP) Program is recognized as a superior training program and it’s 12-point evaluation that identifies if and what illegal substance a suspected individual may be influenced by. They will surely be expected to contribute much to the identification of a valid test for drivers under the influence of cannabis.

It’s apparent there just isn’t enough research on cannabis safely existing in the lives of American’s.  How about that research now? Thank you Mr. President and friends for allocating a few dollars for research. Below are 2 grants and a request for service regarding cannabis research.

Originating in Los Angeles in the 1970’s, the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program was started to support suspicious observations by police officers during traffic stops after recording an increased rate of DUI drivers.

Troopers state that when someone is pulled over assumed under the influence, a DRE is consulted and briefed to identify the individual’s demeanor followed by a full on evaluation that includes the tasks that we have all seen on the latest episode of COPS or on the World’s Scariest Police Chases or the World’s Dumbest Criminals. For your reading pleasure only, it may deem a good idea to know the madness behind the method, and


For additional information about the DRE program and a full explanation of the 12-point evaluation in the DRE program, visit the DECP’s website about the program.

The 12 point evaluation includes, but is not limited to the following techniques to identify the focus in each point.

  • Heart Rate
    • pulse is taken 3x over the course of the evaluation, officer anticipates a decrease as the evaluation nears the end
    • Normal is 60-90 bpm
    • Methamphetamine and Marijuana are stimulants and will rise
    • Alcohol is a depressant that will decrease the normal rate
  • Eye Movement and Pupil Response
    • When one attempts to cross their eyes, people on cannabis cannot accomplish task
    • The pupil test administered with a light pen will force the pupils to react differently based on different substances in the system

Walk the Line field test
Photo by Knoxville PD

  • The infamous “Walk the Line” believed by many to be administered solely to humiliate offenders
  • Close eyes and imagine when 30 seconds have passed without counting. This statement is never on time
  • A muscle rigidity test
    • Heroin will cause loose muscle tone
    • Methamphetamine will cause tenseness
    • Cannabis leaves muscles in a normal state

How will law enforcement identify a reliable test to identify the level of impairment caused by cannabis consumption alone?

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