Friday , 24 November 2017
Cool Homegrown Cannabis Products

Cool Homegrown Cannabis Products

One of my favorite requirements is to research the net for cool homegrown cannabis products around the world. While its legality in my state still forces me to sadly glance over some of the products actually made from cannabis, I still look longingly at a wide variety of marijuana items per week in hopes of finding a few I feel are special enough to share. Here’s a few I found this past week. Some are new, some are old, and all are very, very cool to me.

Cannabis Jewelry

I’m not a big jewelry wearer. Mostly because I am pretty much allergic to every metal known ringto man. But if I could wear it, I’d want this. This is a sterling silver ring with a Phoenix design that is also a discreet (or not so, depending on how observant you are) smoking pipe. It is pretty. And certainly a cool idea. But if it were mine, I think I’d have to dub it a ‘personal’ smoking device. This pipe looks like it would involve a bit of spittle and drool to smoke from and I’m not sure I want to share that with anyone else on earth. Still a fancy ring I’d love to litter the bottom of my jewelry box with!

Weed Checks

weed checksI have mixed feelings here. On one hand, I really hate writing checks. On the other hand, whenever I am forced to write checks, I always go with custom designed checks. Then there’s the fact that weed checks even exists. That certainly makes me happy. Weed’s illegal here, though. Sad again. If weed were legal here, would I be brave enough to present these custom checks to pay a bill? Sure. Squeee! Would it get me crazy mean looks from the ultra conservatives around here? Yes. Sad again. I’m not a hater though. I am seriously just glad these actually exist and I hope everyone in legal states have them. I look forward to when weed’s legal here and I need a bank account again. Because when that happens, I’m ordering these.

Cannabis Fantasy Cool Coloring Bookcannabiscoloringbook

I haven’t colored since I was 12 or so. I’ve heard it recommended by those who say it’s a great way to get back in touch with the kid in you. While I’m not sure I want to get back in touch with the kid in me who reacted adversely to coloring outside the lines, I could totally see having this book on my book shelves that still contain actual books. And a Kindle, but real books, too!

If you know a person who makes a cool cannabis product, please link their store or items in the comments and I’ll be glad to give those a future review on Marijuana Connect’s cool cannabis products posts!

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