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Comprehensive Volcano Digital Review

Comprehensive Volcano Digital Review

So what makes the Volcano so great that people spend so much on one? Well, first of all, it looks pretty awesome. If you didn't know what it was, you'd think it was some sort of German-designed kitchen equipment, which isn't too far off. Comprehensive Volcano Digital Review Each Volcano is built by hand by a small German company using top-notch parts. It's got a classic design to it that will make you want to leave it out rather than hide it in a desk drawer. But that's not why you buy it. You buy it because it gets you…

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Excellent Vaporizer

Summary : Another well-respected Volcano product, the Volcano Digital utilizes the same patented toxin and byproduct removal process while still intensifying the active ingredients of your essential oils and aromatherapies. With the same sturdy cone structure, the Digital Volcano model also includes a bright and clear digital LED display, a food safe aluminum heating block and even the very helpful automatic shut off feature. The high-performance heating cartridge and precision electronic air temperature control system ensures a smooth operation and user-friendly experience. The Volcano Digital also comes with its own independent temperature fuse, silencer, Easy Valve and air filter. This model has a temperature setting range of 104° to 446°F.

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So what makes the Volcano so great that people spend so much on one? Well, first of all, it looks pretty awesome. If you didn’t know what it was, you’d think it was some sort of German-designed kitchen equipment, which isn’t too far off.

Comprehensive Volcano Digital Review

Each Volcano is built by hand by a small German company using top-notch parts. It’s got a classic design to it that will make you want to leave it out rather than hide it in a desk drawer. But that’s not why you buy it. You buy it because it gets you high really well.

You simply pack some vaporizables into the heating chamber and pop that into your Volcano, which has a handy digital readout to let you decide exactly how hot you want it running (it still stays cool to the touch on the exterior). You then attach a vapor balloon to the top of the heating chamber. Over the course of about 30 seconds, it fills up with vapor (not smoke, mind you). You then snap on a mouthpiece and pass the balloon around. It all sounds more complicated than it is.

So why is that so great? Well, it’s all about the vapor. The Volcano heats your vaporizables up, but not hot enough for combustion. That means all the nasty tar and toxins in your herbs don’t get released, just the active ingredients and flavors you’re looking for. What results is a healthier and cleaner-feeling experience. It also gets you high as shit.

One of the most popular and prestigious vaporizers on the market is the Volcano Vaporizer. Nearly everyone vaporizing has heard of these German Vaporizers. They’ve been around for a while and are well known for their quality and reputation. Here’s a review, as usual in our detailed TorotoV format, of the Digital version of the Volcano to show you why everyone likes it so much and what you can expect out of it.

Digital Volcano Vaporizer

How It Works – Video

The Volcano works by blowing vapor into balloons with a built-in fan. You remove the balloons from the unit and draw the vapor from them or pass them around for a group of people. The Digital Volcano has a digital display and buttons to adjust the temperature settings. For best results, let your Volcano heat all the way up before you attach the filled heating chamber. This makes sure your botanicals get proper convection heating. Attach the balloons next and go!

Vapor Quality

Convection heating lets the Volcano give some of the best vapor in the business. The Volcano heats the air around your botanicals rather than the botanicals themselves. This lets more surface area be heated at once and spreads heat evenly through the entire batch, rather than just focusing on the botanicals touching the surface of the Volcano Vaporizer heating chamber. If you make sure to only attach the botanical chamber once the unit is already heated, there will be almost no conduction and your flavor will be amazing. Convection allows for even vaporization of botanicals and therefore even flavor  This great vapor quality is one of the reasons why the Volcano is recommended by medical professionals around the world.

Manufacturing Quality

The Volcano is German engineered, and the only vaporizer approved by TÜV like most other high quality German electronics. In other words, the manufacturing quality is stunning. Volcanoes have almost no warranty problems, and hardly any parts that need to be replaced. They have a stainless steel casing instead of the plastic you can find on cheaper vaporizers. All the parts are precision engineered, and so they fit together perfectly with no misalignment or loose pieces to worry about. The Volcano comes with a three year warranty from Storz & Bickel.

Temperature Flexibility

The Digital Volcano has a bit more range than the Classic, and can go anywhere from 40 to 230 degrees Celsius, for more delicate botanicals. The digital display lets you hit precise temperatures to the nearest degree, meaning you can be picky if you want exactly the right temperature every time. The very large buttons are not only meant to look good, but also cater to individuals that have difficulty pushing or seeing small buttons. So if one suffers from Arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s or other conditions that impair hand movements, this is one of the most suited units in the market.


The Digital Volcano takes three to five minutes to heat up, and the LED display indicates when it hits the right temperature. After that it can fill a standard sized balloon in less than a minute. Because of the relatively large heating chamber the Volcano produces more vapor per minute than any other unit. It’s great for parties when you need lots of balloons filled with vapor. The Volcano is about 3 times as fast as the Extreme Q Vaporizer for example, but not as quite.

Convenience of Use

The Digital Volcano is set with just a few buttons, and has a large and clear LED display. It’s extremely precise, to the nearest degree. It’s simple to use for people who have trouble with smaller displays or tiny buttons. The whole vaporizer is made of metal or heat resistant compounds, and there are no breakable parts or glass parts. Nothing except the screens and easy valve balloons will need to be replaced. It’s one of the most durable and easiest to use units on the market.

What Justifies Choosing the Digital

The Digital Volcano is about a hundred dollars more expensive than the Classic, but it has some important extra features. The digital temperature control is even more accurate than the bimetallic system used in the Classic, and much more precise. You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures. It comes with a thirty minute automatic shut off switch as a safety precaution and to conserve energy. Let’s face it, how many of us will forget to turn off their vape before we pass out. It has all the strength and durability of the Classic Volcano, but with extra precision and control, and a wider temperature range.

Easy Valve Starter Set

Volcano Vaporizers can be used with two different styles of valves, which both cost the same. The valve connects the balloons to the heating chamber at the top of the Volcano. It’s also what lets you take draws from the balloon. This review will look at the details of the Easy Valve Set. If you want to know more about the differences between Solid vs Easy Valve follow the link.
The Easy Valve Starter Set comes with five standard sized balloons, each of which will last about one to two and a half months, depending on use. Heavier use will wear out the balloons more quickly. It also comes with everything you need to connect the balloons to the heating chamber. You can’t adjust the size of these balloons, but they’re already attached to the valves and really convenient if you don’t want to size all the balloons yourself.
The Easy Valve Set is just what it says, easy. The balloons come ready to attach to the mouthpiece and you don’t have to do any extra work. However, the entire valve set will need to be replaced, instead of just the balloons, and in the long term this makes the Easy Valve Set more expensive than the Solid Valve. However, each set should last you at least six months, and this is the fastest option with the least extra maintenance time. You can switch between sets at any time by buying a new starter set of the Valve type you want to switch to.

Overall Experience

The Volcano has been known as the best vaporizer on the market for a while, and it definitely deserves it. You can really trust the German engineering and manufacturing quality. The Digital Volcano is outstanding even compared to the Classic Volcano for its precision and range. This is a perfect unit for connoisseurs who want the highest possible quality and accuracy in their vaporizer.Thank you for reading today’s Digital Volcano Vaporizer w/ Easy Valve Review. I hope you found this post useful and feel free to leave your comments or questions in the comment section below.

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