Wednesday , 22 November 2017


Keif and Honey Cannabis Tincture

This is a great recipe for Keif and Honey cannabis tincture that I have made myself in the past. It is a great way to medicate when smoking or more involved edibles are not an option. The finished product is actually quite impressive and the honey helps to eliminate that deep musty taste of other tinctures I’ve tried. It is ... Read More »

New Regulations on Colorado Edibles

Last Thursday the State of Colorado decided to adopt tougher rules on the potency, packaging and serving sizes of cannabis edibles. The new guidelines come in response to many concerns of overconsumption be some of the state’s less experienced consumers. Most cannabis activists would heartily agree that some regulation in all three of these areas is needed. New regulations will ... Read More »

Your Brain on Drugs: Cannabis vs Other Substances

I am always in favor of leaning on good, clean science when it comes to understanding how any given chemical works on the brain. I am also for shying far away from ever comparing marijuana to any other substance classified as a drug. While it actually is a very effective drug in any cases, I think it is highly damaging ... Read More »

Marijuana Bacon Recipe

Yes. Marijuana Bacon. Check out this amazing shake recipe. Cannabis and Bacon isn’t your favorite food combination ever? Tell us what is! Read More »

Best Medical Marijuana Butterleaf Flour Recipe for Brownies & Cookies

This is one amazing medical marijuana butterleaf flour recipe shared by Marijuana Nonna. Do you have any cannabis cooking or baking recipes you prefer?   Read More »

Medicinal Marijuana Advocate Back in Australia Court

While the U.S. struggles along in the effort to legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, Australia has its own fair share of advocates, caregivers and news outlets that are supporting its legalization for many of the same reasons the people of the United States are, especially relief to children suffering from seizure disorders. Medicine Man The news reel above ... Read More »

O’Reilly Doesn’t Know Anything About Weed

From the man who wants us to revisit the age-old question on how the tides go in and out, comes the newest in a fanatically ignorant anti-science and anti-weed rant. So while Sir Isaac Newton spins in his grave, let’s see what Bill has to offer in the way of explanations on how marijuana use and texting correlate. For whatever ... Read More »

Colorado Recreational Marijuana Industry Makes The Change

On Monday, big changes came to Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry as the long standing vertical integration rule was officially lifted and the doors were opened to new recreational applicants.  Until now, independent cultivation operations were banned, retailers were required to grow at least 70% of their inventory, and applications for recreational permits were exclusively reserved for the owners of established ... Read More »

Colorado’s Gross Cannabis Income 2014

While it may be a little difficult determining the gross income per state with the current state of recreational legalization, we certainly can take some information away from the social experiment statistics that Colorado’s books are already reflecting. Their books are already showing unexpected revenue. Colorado allows sales tax on both medical and recreational products. The current tax is 12.9% ... Read More »

Cannabutter Recipe and Tutorial

While there are certainly a variety of options to select from when making cannabutter, there is also a very base, basic recipe and process that helps to keep things simple, uses items you likely already have around your home anyway, and provides you with a great end product. The above is pretty amazing because not only does it show you ... Read More »