Wednesday , 22 November 2017


Cannabis Recipe of the Week – Bell Pepper Soup

Ingredients: 4 Red Bell Peppers 1 Yellow Bell Pepper 1 Onion 6 Cloves of Garlic 1 Celery Stalk 1 Carrot (small to medium) ½ cup Greek Yogurt 7 Chives Salt & Pepper to taste 4 tbsp Marijuana Butter 4 tbsp Oil As easy as it gets. Follow the video walkthrough and you will have a mouthwatering soup perfect for cool ... Read More »

Saturday Morning Pot Cartoons

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Legalized Cannabis Draws Homeless Texans to Colorado

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Processing Hemp from Field to Textile Fiber

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Alaskan Reporter Quits Live on Air over Legalization Issue

If you were a viewer of KTVA on Sunday night, you were likely treated to an unexpected rant from the owner of the Alaskan Cannabis Club. Live on TV, Charlo Green quit her job just after promising to dedicate her energy towards fighting for fairness and the freedom of legalization in Alaska. She chose the old ‘take this job and ... Read More »

3 Super Recipes that Use Cannabutter

Since I am about to experience my first research with cannabutter, budda, or any of the other names it can go by, I began looking for great ways to use this absolutely fantastic cooking ingredient. Since I am a pretty good cook, my husband and my own expectations are fairly high. Although I am worried that it will have a ... Read More »

Make your Own Hemp Seed and Nutt Milks

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Cannabis Fudge Recipe

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How to Make Hemp Rope

You’ll find more than one farmer who will tell you that a hemp rope lasted them a veritable lifetime. They’ll probably still have one laying around, decades old, barely worn. That’s because hemp rope is known for being incredibly strong, flexible, and outright tough. You don’t need a thick hemp rope to hold some serious weight. The thickness of your ... Read More »

Friday 9/5 Educating the World on Marijuana Miracle Cure

In a press release last week, AWE TV and Medical Marijuana, Inc., partnered to educate the world with a national cable documentary called “Marijuana, Miracle Cure”: Journey to Health” to educate the world on the glorious benefits of cannabis. So far, it is a 3-part series, and the third focus being on the education of the CBD-Rich Hemp Oil (cannabidiol), ... Read More »

Cannabis Recipe Video Walkthrough of the Week

Making Cannabis Gummies is easy. And oh, so rewarding. Ingredients 1 Box of Sugar Free Jello (your choice of flavors) 1/2 cup of Cold Water 4 Envelopes of Gelatin 4 Tablespoons of Tincture No-Stick Spray Preparation Instructions Spray the molds you plan to use lightly with the no-stick spray. I’ve found the butter flavored or the powdered flour type works ... Read More »

Only 3 Weeks Left to Enter the Vape Giveaway Contest!

Don’t forget! There’s only 3 weeks and one day left to enter Marijuana Connect’s Launch Contest! We are giving away a Free Extreme Q Vaporizer! Click here to enter our contest! Don’t forget to share. For every person who clicks through your link you will get 5 more contest entries to help increase your chances of winning! Winner will be ... Read More »