Wednesday , 22 November 2017

MJ Stock News

EAPH Seeking Financing from Canadian Brokerage Firm

Easton Pharmaceuticals Seeking Financing Easton Pharmaceuticals announced today that it is seeking financing from a Canadian brokerage firm. Easton is a pharmaceuticals company engaging in the design, development, and delivery of topical drugs and therapeutic/cosmetic healthcare products. More recently, the company has ventured into the medical marijuana industry with a gel formulation that in the future can be administered on ... Read More »

Hemp 2014 Second Quarter Earnings Fail to Impress Market

Hemp Inc. 2014 Second Quarter Earnings Hemp Inc. posted solid 2014 2nd quarter earnings, but investors were not overly impressed. Hemp reported sales revenue of $2,365,763 with net income of $1,820,418. Depending on ones angle, the results could have been viewed in a positive light or negative light. On the negative side, the second quarter sales were down 57% compared ... Read More »

VAPO Enters Cannabis Market, Stock Rally Lacks Conviction

Vaporin Letter to Shareholders Earlier today, Vaporin Inc. issued a letter to its shareholders with business updates and outlook for the company. Vaporin is primarily a distributor and marketer of vaporizers and e-liquid products, but has more recently entered the cannabis marketplace. This letter comes just a week after Vaporin issued its impressive second quarter financial results. Plans for the ... Read More »

CannaVest Second Quarter Earnings, Time to Rally?

Profitable Marijuana Company CannaVest, a producer of hemp-based consumer products, reported positive results  for their second quarter earnings. Considering the marijuana producing  industry is still in its beginning stages, CannaVest is one of the first profitable marijuna companies. CannaVest is also one of the first marijuana companies to report second quarter earnings, and there should be an onslaught of second quarter ... Read More »

Organigram: Canadian MMPR Producer Going Public

Organigram to be Publicly Traded Organigram is the next Canadian medical marijuana producer to be publicly traded. The Canadian medical marijuana market is definitely in its infancy, but it is set to explode over the coming decade. In fact, it is estimated it will generate $1.3 billion in annual revenue due to the increasing patient population under the Marihuana for Medical ... Read More »

Mentor Capital Surges on Share Buyback

Mentor Capital Announced Share Buyback Mentor Capital, symbol MNTR, announced its intentions to buyback 300,000 shares of its currently outstanding common stock. The company will use approximately 5% of the company’s cash and cash-like current assets to make the repurchase. This is the second share repurchase plan in the past year, and the company’s policy is to fully execute any announced ... Read More »

Four Marijuana Stock Promoters Charged with Manipulation

Four Charged in Marijuana Stock Manipulation Yesterday, the SEC charged four stock gurus with manipulating marijuana stocks earlier this year. The charge was for the manipulation of several micro cap companies including the ever popular Growlife, Inc. and and Hemp Inc. Both of these stocks experienced parabolic gains in the first couple months of the year, and it appears as though the ... Read More »

The First Cannabis Investors Webcast

On September 30th, 2014, the first online Cannabis Investor Webcast will be held. This webcast is aimed at helping to connect privately-held as well as publicly traded industrials, with analysts, investors, media and ultimately the consumers. The webcast is set to be run monthly and will include live presentations, and Q & A sessions carried out by CEO’s, CFO’s and ... Read More »

Three Green Rush Cannabis Stocks to Watch

The green rush has definitely bored its way into American investor’s blood. 22 states now have medical marijuana legalized. Washington State and Colorado are open for recreational business. Just over the last two years, cannabis companies have risen by more than 50% in 2013. By the opening of 2014, cannabusiness had risen by 150%. Publicly traded marijuana stocks such as ... Read More »

Cannabis Industry Stocks – Real Time Stock Ticker

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