Thursday , 19 October 2017


Cannabis Smores Pie

This is a super recipe. I tried this for a small gathering this summer at a mock-camp out! It was very easy to make and I had amazing reviews from our ‘campers’. I imagine Cannabis Smores Pie would also be great for real campers out in the cooler months of the year. Cannabis Smores Pie INGREDIENTS 1 1/3 cups Graham ... Read More »


Those who find it difficult to inhale smoke or vapor can still benefit from the medicinal properties of THC. The effects from marijuana tea can be very potent but it must be prepared properly or it will not work. Cannabis tea can be made in a variety of ways from many different ingredients depending on personal preferences. These methods include: ... Read More »

Bananas for Canna Banana Bread Recipe


This is the easiest recipe to follow, and will have you going bananas for Canna Banana Bread for days to come! This recipe calls for sour cream that is definitely responsible for the super moist texture in the finished loaf. Keep one of these on hand in the freezer for a rainy, movie day. Then, the next time the days ... Read More »

Slowpoke Rodriguez Wacky Weed Mayo With Chipotle Recipe

Who else to head off into the kitchen to try out a new Wacky Weed Mayo with Chipotle recipe infused with medical marijuana than Looney Toon’s very own stoner friend, SlowPoke Rodriguez. Dubbed “The Slowest Mouse in All of Mexico,” the oblivious mouse spends most of his days getting into unintentional trouble or making the forever-lasting trip to the kitchen ... Read More »

Cooking with Cannabis – The Basics

While you can quickly find an endless array of cannabis recipes anywhere on the web, keeping a few cannabis essentials around for cooking ingredients can make the whole cannabis recipe thing a lot easier. Here are super videos on creating the most basic of cooking essentials in the cannabis cooking world. How to Make Cannabis Butter Cannabis Coconut Oil Extracting ... Read More »

Cannabis Cheesecake

There may be nothing better I can imagine up than cannabis cheesecake when I am sitting around dreaming about the world’s most fantastic desserts. Here is an absolutely fabulous cannabis cheesecake recipe for those who have the cannabutter handy and an adventurous soul when it comes to cannabis desserts. Preparation and Cooking Time: 2 Hours Servings: 8 to 10 slices ... Read More »

Keif and Honey Cannabis Tincture

This is a great recipe for Keif and Honey cannabis tincture that I have made myself in the past. It is a great way to medicate when smoking or more involved edibles are not an option. The finished product is actually quite impressive and the honey helps to eliminate that deep musty taste of other tinctures I’ve tried. It is ... Read More »

Marijuana Bacon Recipe

Yes. Marijuana Bacon. Check out this amazing shake recipe. Cannabis and Bacon isn’t your favorite food combination ever? Tell us what is! Read More »

Best Medical Marijuana Butterleaf Flour Recipe for Brownies & Cookies

This is one amazing medical marijuana butterleaf flour recipe shared by Marijuana Nonna. Do you have any cannabis cooking or baking recipes you prefer?   Read More »

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

This is definitely a smoothie you don’t want to make for breakfast before work! This recipe came from a friend in Florida who religiously drinks protein supplement shakes and utilizes her blender for all sorts of fruits and veggie puree drinks. The strawberry-banana smoothie is her favorite to add her CannaButter for the head changes she looks forward to after ... Read More »

Pooh Bear’s Mary Jane Cooking Oil

A dear best friend submitted this recipe so others may enjoy it as she has. She is a long time supporter of medical marijuana starting with her late aunt who became a para paraplegic due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident. She remembers her aunt would often smoke joints to subdue her pain. My friend and her husband and ... Read More »

10 Important Facts about Cooking with Cannabis

There are definitely a few major “good-to-know” things to consider before throwing the entire contents of your Maui stash into Great-Grandmother Nanny’s legendary brownie recipe. Potency is going to vary from strand to strand, batch to batch, and everyone digests food differently.  So getting the sufficient amount of herb added to the oil to cook will differ. A person should ... Read More »