Friday , 17 November 2017


Grain Alcohol Based Cannabis Tincture

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Cannabis Spaghetti is on the Menu

Any Italian will tell you: pasta is healthy and makes you feel good. But what about spaghetti made from cannabis? Farmers from southern Italy presenting their wares at a London food festival this week say their hemp pasta, oil and bread won’t get you high, but do provide a healthy, tasty alternative to the traditional, wheat variety. “Hemp food is ... Read More »

Marijuana Milkshake Shot Summer Recipe

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Medical Marijuana Tonic and Tincture Recipe

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Marijuana Snickerdoodle Cookies Recipe

I love the smell of snickerdoodle cookies. Apparently, a lot of people do. So, let’s get right to it and make up this batch of super cookies! Marijuana Snickerdoodle Cookies Recipe Ingredients Canna butter Cookie flour One egg Some sugar to roll the cookies in Cut the stick of butter into smaller pieces. Melt butter. Take the Snickerdoodle cookie mix– ... Read More »

Cannabis Lollipops

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Weed Beer Recipe

You read that right! This is a killer walkthrough on how to brew your own Weed Beer. Weed Beer Walkthrough Read More »

Cannabis Gummies Recipe

Check out the Cannabis Gummies Recipe available on Marijuana Connect today! Visit our recipes link for more! Cannabis Gummies Recipe   Read More »

Easy Vegan Cannabis Chocolate Cooking with Marijuana

Today on Marijuana Connect a super amazing recipe! Easy Vegan Cannabis Chocolate Cooking with Marijuana Read More »

Weed Cupcake Recipe Video Walkthrough

Straight from the Cannabis Training University on YouTube comes a Weed Cupcake Recipe Video Walkthrough! Read More »

Cannaburgers Recipe

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Marijuana Pizza with Cannabis Olive Oil

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