Friday , 17 November 2017


Cannabis Product Coupon Codes

I don’t know about you but when it comes to shopping on the internet, I am not about to give up the chance to get a coupon code or a promo code from one of the many sites available for them. However, there are only a few that show coupon codes for cannabis products. Here’s a functioning list of available ... Read More »

Cool Cannabis Gear

Don’t forget to follow Marijuana Connect on Pinterest. But if you aren’t a follower yet, let me show you just one of the boards that would make it worth it. I absolutely love unique items and interesting cannabis gear.   I need one of these! I know plenty of people who almost never have a poker handy but almost constantly ... Read More »

Extracting THC with The Magical Butter


Extracting THC concentrates, tinctures, or oil’ using solvents and an open flame hasn’t turned you into Beaker or Bunsen from The Muppets, but it has given you opportunities to learn about the THC extraction process, and a broader knowledge about the many compounds that can be made from the cannabis plant. A kitchen rigged up with MacGuyver’d lab equipment is ... Read More »

Best Selling Vaporizers at Marijuana Connect

The Marijuana Connect Marketplace has some of the world’s best vaporizers for sale right now! We also have an ongoing sale through the end of August that allows you to take 20% off all vaporizers in the MC Marketplace. The Volcano Digital The Volcano Digital has the best in digital LED display and a few handy upgrades from the Classic ... Read More »

Weed Gadgets for 420 Tokes


Marijuana reform and legalization has sparked the inventor in many across the globe to make the perfect weed gadget for 420 toke sessions everywhere. Today’s superior innovation and technology is packed into nifty cannabis gadgets to make the user’s toking experience pleasant and discreet. FOLD-A-PIPE Forget about ever having to MacGuyver a soda can or aluminum foil into a usable ... Read More »

2 Unique Cannabis Products from Mom & Pop Shops

I am always on the lookout for cool products I can find on just about anything I enjoy. I like unique items and certainly love the pleasure of giving a gift that no one ever expected, or knew it existed. So when I browse through boutique sites, I often end up with a long list of wants, wishes or whatever ... Read More »

Feeling Good IS Skin Deep

Feeling good and feeling better is what cannabis is all about, and now people are feeling good skin deep! It is exciting to see new cannabis-infused products become more and more available and accessible to consumers who seek their therapeutic value. Cannabis-infused topicals are absorbed by the skin and directly affect the area of application. THC and CBD can alleviate ... Read More »

Three Mind Blowing Cannabis Products

With the cannabis industry serving up new products on a seemingly daily basis, a few products tend to stand out to the crowd. We’ve all seen fancy new bongs, delightful vapes and edible delicacies that make us drool just looking at them. While all these products are simply spectacular in their existence alone Chocolate Cannabis Coffee While the custom of ... Read More »