Wednesday , 22 November 2017


Mary Jane’s Little Sister Nancy Wants a Monthly Subscription Box

If you’re sick of getting makeup, snacks, and jewelry in a monthly box, you can now sign up for something a little more fun: Nancy, a new subscription service, will send you various products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in weed, purported to help with pain, anxiety, and much more. Mary Jane’s Little Sister Nancy Wants a Monthly ... Read More »

Cannabis Roasted Coffee Now Available for Everyone

A company based in Los Angeles has found a way to spread cannabis roasted coffee around the globe, regardless of the local state, federal or country laws where the coffee is shipped to. Kian Abedini’s Compelling & Rich is now selling “herb conditioned” (in which the herb is marijuana) Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans. While the beans smell exactly like the ... Read More »

Slow y’Roll Newbies. BHO, Just Butane Hash Oil


There is nothing new about Butane Hash or Honey Oil (BHO) really, except that it is legal today, as it was not all of these years prior.  Like, its legal in Colorado where many labs are experimenting with different levels and concentrations. What IS new, however is the federal government calling in to up their annual order for research this ... Read More »

Cool Homegrown Cannabis Products

One of my favorite requirements is to research the net for cool homegrown cannabis products around the world. While its legality in my state still forces me to sadly glance over some of the products actually made from cannabis, I still look longingly at a wide variety of marijuana items per week in hopes of finding a few I feel ... Read More »

How to Make Hemp Jewelry – The Square Knot

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Cannabis Wedding Bouquets and Decor

An enterprising Denver Florist has recently launched a cannabusiness called Buds and Blossoms. The business incorporates cannabis into Wedding floral arrangements. Owner Bec Koop shared recently that she used to work at a medicinal marijuana dispensary but has now created her own floral business to meet the needs of Colorado cannabis enthusiasts who are preparing to wed. Her arrangements allow ... Read More »

Cannabis Infused Pizza Sauce

This deserves more Yay’s than I have to give. Annd just when you thought edibles couldn’t really get any better, an L.A. based Pizza place has started selling jars of pizza sauce infused with weed. This pizza sauce should be available at dispensaries in San Franscisco, Washington State, Colorado and Los Angeles. Podey’s Pizza is selling their jars in 5oz ... Read More »

Throwback Thursday Weed Memorabilia

I have always been eternally fascinated with weed products, and not just the newest items. I absolutely love to come across yard sale items of those old pharmacopeia product days. I’ve found a few lately that were worth sharing. Pitfalls of Youth 1936 This one made me laugh for a couple of reasons. First, it’s for sale on eBay for ... Read More »

Hemp Beer is Here or There…

When I wandered over to the High Community this week, I found something truly astounding for many, many reasons. First, it’s an exercise in innovation that I can appreciate. It seems the landlord of the Albert Inn, Giles Hawkins, has decided to make another interesting brew. He’s fairly famous in his realm for special brews, and even though I rarely ... Read More »

CannaBeer for Oktoberfest


CannaBeer…why not?  Oktoberfest festival planners will be putting their beer order in to prepare for keeping mouths quenched of attendees getting serious polka moves on. You better bet that planners in Colorado and Washington will be adding a new brew to their beer order this year. Hemp infused ales have been produced for several years all over the globe. States ... Read More »

A Transdermal Cannabis Patch Promising for Non-Smokers


Re-Medical, Inc., an organization specializing in the research and development of systems to deliver the medicinal properties found in nutraceuticals and botanicals harboring medicinal properties. However, it has only been incorporated since March 2014 under the parent corporation Hop-On, Inc., an electronics producer recently joining the marijuana e-cig business and their search to partner with local cannabis businesses in marijuana-legal ... Read More »

Cool Cannabis T Shirts

If you’re like me, you like to window shop around the net. During my window shopping excursions, I enjoy seeking out small business, Mom -n- Pop shops and other options that will help grow local economies. I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars to these types of business’s and more often than not, the quality of the products are ... Read More »