Thursday , 23 November 2017

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Colorado Marijuana Industry Recap

On January 1st stores across Colorado started selling recreational pot legally to anyone over the age of 21. Breaking the ribbon as the first state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana, the world is watching with anticipation as Colorado pioneers this new American industry. It’s been 7 months, and we’ve come farther than expected. As Colorado builds this industry ... Read More »

Colorado Recreational Marijuana Industry Makes The Change

On Monday, big changes came to Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry as the long standing vertical integration rule was officially lifted and the doors were opened to new recreational applicants.  Until now, independent cultivation operations were banned, retailers were required to grow at least 70% of their inventory, and applications for recreational permits were exclusively reserved for the owners of established ... Read More »

5 States that Have Legal Cannabis

Marijuana supporters are gaining ground as legalization continues to sweep across the nation. With many states considering joining Colorado’s recreational use, making medical marijuana legal seems a given. Let’s take a look at which states are legal for medical and recreational use. Cannabis News by State Alaska – In 1998, Alaska passed Ballot Measure 8 which allows medical patients to ... Read More »