Wednesday , 22 November 2017

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Mississippi Group Seeks Ballot Initiative to Legalize Cannabis

Mississippi for Cannabis has filed a petition that is seeking a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis in their state. The group is hoping to get the initiative on the November 2016 election ballot. Petition organizer, Kelly Jacobs, said that the petition was filed on Monday with the Secretary of State’s office in Hernando and that the ballot is in its ... Read More »

Lawmakers Seek to Speed Medical Marijuana Access

U.S. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer are urging the DOJ to give New Yorkers immediate access to the strain of medical cannabis known commonly as Charlotte’s Web. Even ahead of the legalization efforts in the state. This urged waiver would allow cannabis oil, or a cannabidiol product made from the marijuana plant to be transported across state lines from ... Read More »

California Begins Bid for Legalization

California voters may be able to grab a second change to vote for full legalization of recreational marijuana. A recent bid launched on Wednesday by a California Marijuana advocacy group seeks to ensure this vital matter is put to the vote in 2016. The Washington D.C. based MPP filed papers with Secretary of State for California, Debra Bowen for the ... Read More »

Denver Considers Exceptions for Extraction Ban

The Denver City Safety and Well-Being Committee postponed the proposed restrictions on hash oil production after receiving the heartfelt testimony of a concerned father who treats his daughter’s severe epilepsy with ethanol extracted cannabis oil. The initial proposal was brought to the table weeks ago when Denver officials set to ban the amateur use of butane or other gases in ... Read More »

Where Medical Marijuana Stands in Two States

Currently, both Florida and Pennsylvania are in the throes of debate over legalizing medcinal marijuana. With arguments from both sides flying back and forth in both states, we seem to be growing closer to logic and reason when it comes to marijuana as a legitimate medication for millions of sufferers who could benefit. Where does the argument stand in both ... Read More »

Cannabis Legalization Has Helped Colorado

On the first of January of this year, the first cannabis shop in Colorado opened to the public for sales of recreational cannabis. Since that very first day, Colorado has seen many promising benefits. These positive trends provide a hopeful set of results to this major social experiment. In fact, Colorado is steadily proving all naysayers wrong when it comes ... Read More »

Texas Republican Rep Parker Open to Medical Marijuana

During the current election season, Dallas News added two questions on drug policy to questionnaires sent to local candidates for state offices. Representative Tan Parker, a republican from Flower Mound had a surprising reply in his answer to the question of support for putting medical marijuana on the November ballot. Parker stated that he would be open to a very ... Read More »

Recreational Pot Sales Surpass MMJ

July’s reports are in, and for the first time in the history of Colorado’s legal marijuana market, recreational cannabis sales surpassed those of medical marijuana. At a near $ 5 million increase in sales since the previous month, July 2014 customers spent more than $29.7 million in recreational marijuana, while medical marijuana sales came in at around $28.9 million, according ... Read More »

Denver Considers Caregiver Restrictions

On Monday, a panel of Colorado lawmakers discussed a proposed bill that would outline new parameters for the states medical marijuana framework, a dialogue that turns up only one week before the Colorado State Health Department considers imposing new limitations on caregiving growers. Colorado’s caregiver program has been in place since medical marijuana was legalized in 2000, many believed the ... Read More »

Pennsylvania One Step Closer to Legalization

The Pennsylvania State Senate is preparing to move forward with the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, by legalizing medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. The bill will head to a vote in the Appropriations Committee once the state senators return from summer recess. Senator Mike Folmer, Republican Party in Lebanon country shared his position on the legalization of medical cannabis for his ... Read More »

Denver Seeking to Ban Hash Oil Extraction

Denver City officials are looking to bar the home practice of solvent based hash oil extraction, a process which utilizes butane or another highly flammable compressed gas as a means to extract oil from cannabis. This measure was enacted in response to a string of recent home explosions which have resulted in several injuries and some fatalities statewide. Using the ... Read More »

14 Years after Legalization Patients Still Can’t Purchase Medical Marijuana

Currently in Hawaii there are over 13,000 medical cannabis patients that are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to obtaining the drug for medicinal purposes. A recent news story highlighted some of the details of the difficulties these patients are currently facing. It’s important to remember when reading this that lawmakers in Hawaii made medical marijuana legal in 2000. ... Read More »