Thursday , 23 November 2017

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Why States Are Legalizing Cannabis in One Chart by Gizmodo

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Jeff Merkley 1st U.S. Senator to Support Legalizing Pot

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley plans to vote for Measure 91, which would legalize marijuana for recreational use in Oregon, making him the first U.S. senator to do so, according to Talking Points Memo. “I lean in support of it,” the Democratic senator told Sahil Kapur, TPM’s senior congressional reporter last week. (Oregonian senior political reporter Jeff Mapes reported on Merkley’s stance ... Read More »

De Blasio Fails to Keep Campaign Promise about Marijuana Arrests

During his campaign for Mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio called the high number of cannabis arrests in the city, ‘ridiculous’. However, it seems like once in office, he resolutely failed to provide the organization and leadership that could have curtailed many of these senseless arrests and prosecutions. Not only did he fail in that sense, in fact, New ... Read More »

Shocking New California Statistics after Marijuana Decriminalization

Opposed to what marijuana opponents have tried to hawk for years now, there is a growing body of evidence that proves that decriminalization or legalization does not lead to any of the apocalyptic scenarios as was envisioned. When the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice took a look at California specifically, their report found that marijuana decriminalization (which took place ... Read More »

How Limited Medical Marijuana Laws are in New Jersey

Even as Christie vehemently opposes medical marijuana laws, they have finally been implemented and will no doubt be viewed as some of the most restrictive medical marijuana laws in the country. Law Enacted The New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act was first introduced by Sen. Nicholas P. Scutari in January 2005 and was debated for over five years before ... Read More »

Pueblo Home Grow Restrictions

PUEBLO- On Thursday, the Pueblo Chieftain reported that the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission has set to draft an ordinance prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana inside of residential locations. The proposal arises in response to concerns that local home grows have the potential to cause health and safety issues for the city’s residents. In recent months the city has received ... Read More »

Denver Police Warn Trick-or-Treaters of Marijuana-Infused Candy

Denver Police are warning trick-or-treaters to beware of candies that could be infused with medical grade marijuana. They shared that although freshly cooked marijuana infused candy may be a bit more distinct, once it dries, there is little to allow one to tell the difference in between the two. For that reason, they are now warning parents to check their ... Read More »

Colorado Pot Revenue Update August 2014

August was a stellar month for Colorado marijuana sales. Numbers soared as the State’s marijuana revenues made a hearty 10% leap from July’s record breaking profits. According to figures released Thursday by the Colorado Department of Revenue, recreational marijuana business sales cashed in at $33 million for the month of August, a substantial hike from $29.7 million in July and ... Read More »

Alaska Marijuana Legalization Initiative is Winning

In a recent poll conducted by Ivan Moore, indications that Ballot Measure 2, or Alaska’s most hotly debated marijuana initiative, is willing by around 18% points. The exact numbers in the poll reflect that 57.2% are in favor while 38.7% oppose the measure. 4.2% of those polled are still undecided. The sample size of pollsters included 568 voters with a ... Read More »

New Rules for Colorado Pot Growers

The Marijuana Enforcement Division has finalized a new set of rules for Colorado pot growers, establishing a plant cap of 3,600 for both indoor and outdoor cultivation operations. This represents one, among several of the sweeping changes to hit Colorado’s marijuana business after a major overhaul in the industry’s framework launched on October 1st. When the recreational marijuana market opened ... Read More »

Over 6300 Illinoisans Apply for Medicinal Cannabis

6,300 medical marijuana patients in Illinois have applied for and had Physicians sign off on this amazing herb for patients with severe fibromyalgia, cancer, MS and spinal cord injuries. Doctors have signed off and these will officially be Illinois first medical marijuana recipients. While these are listed as the most frequent health issues that are being presented by Doctors signing ... Read More »

Medical Panel in South Carolina Hears Painful Testimony in MMJ Consideration

Last Thursday, a legislative panel in Charlotte, South Carolina listened to several and often, tearful testimonies in regards to the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This testimony was focused on urging South Carolina lawmakers to expand the current health conditions for which cannabis can be utilized as a treatment. Current patients also testified as to how they are currently ... Read More »