Thursday , 23 November 2017

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Georgia Child Starts First Cannabis Oil Treatments

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Cannabis Use Up in Colorado

I am not sure how they come up with these numbers but it appears that a new poll shows that marijuana use is up in Colorado. While it certainly seems to be the natural order of things, legalization, usage up; it really isn’t. For one, we just can’t be sure how ‘up’ usage is, or how ‘more’ people are willing ... Read More »

Oklahoma Complains that Colorado Pot Laws are a Massive Problem

It should come as a surprise to no one that Oklahoma, most recently famously known for their desire to Secdee (secede) says that Colorado’s marijuana legalization is a huge issue for their state. Even though statistics have shown that DUI’s, DWI’s and even death-by-prescription drug overdose are down since legalization, Oklahoma says that Colorado’s weed is flooding into their state. ... Read More »

Obama Backs Legalization of Marijuana in DC

The White House has shared that President Obama supports the legalization of marijuana in D.C. as was voted on in November by the people. But he also seems to support and would sign a government funding bill that includes a rider blocking the measure, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. In their usual covert and deceitful manner, Congressional negotiators have quietly tucked ... Read More »

Congress Moves to Block DC Marijuana Legalization

Members of Congress are negotiating provisions to a government funding bill that would block the nation’s capital in its efforts to legalize marijuana. Initiative 71 passed in November, with 70 % of voters approving the measure to legalize small amounts of marijuana for personal use. “Democratic leadership made it clear they would stand with voters on this crucial racial justice issue, ... Read More »

Legalization Victory in Washington DC

On Tuesday, the nation’s capital voted to legalize recreational marijuana when D.C. voters overwhelmingly approved Initiave 71, making it legal to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, grow up to six plants, and share (not sell) up to an ounce of marijuana to anyone 21 or older. But this landmark victory is just the beginning. The popular vote doesn’t ... Read More »

Full Legalization Bill Filed in Georgia

Georgia has joined the other states fighting for full legalization of cannabis. State Sen. Curt Thompson, D-Norcross, filed the proposals Monday for consideration by the state Legislature next year. Thompson’s proposal includes the efforts to fully legalize marijuana in Georgia, providing Colorado-style access at licensed retail shops while also allowing its use through medical providers for treatment of conditions including ... Read More »

Amendment 2 Defeated

More than half of Florida voters said yes to Amendment 2 but it won’t be enough to constitutionalize medical marijuana. That’s right; the polls showed that while 58% of Floridians voted in favor of the legalization of medical pot, the number sits just shy of the mandatory 60% mark needed to enact the law. Amendment 2 would have legalized the ... Read More »

Oregon Votes Marijuana

The nationwide push for marijuana reform took another great leap on Tuesday when Oregon voters approved ballot Measure 91, legalizing the possession, sale, and recreational use of marijuana for adults 21 and over, making Oregon the third state in the nation to end the prohibition of cannabis. Under the measure, adults can grow up to four plants per household, have ... Read More »

State Rep will Introduce Medical Marijuana Bill in Georgia

The bill sponsor, state Representative, Allen Peake, said they’ve learned a lot about medical marijuana over the past 12 months and he sincerely hopes to pass an even better bill this year that would allow private entities to actually grown medical marijuana in Georgia. However, the type of medical marijuana that Peake plans to push has such a low THC ... Read More »

Ballot Measure 2 Passes

It’s been a long time coming. After years of vigorous debate and steadfast campaigning, Alaskans finally get the green light on pot. On Tuesday, voters approved Ballot Measure 2, an initiative which legalizes recreational marijuana in the state of Alaska. With a 52-48 percent victory, Alaska joins Colorado, Washington, and Oregon as the newest of the western states to recognize ... Read More »

The Marijuana Votes on the November Ballot

As voters turned out to the polls on November 4th, several cannabis related votes were on those ballots. Oregon Oregon has approved Measure 91 legalizing recreational use of pot, with nearly 54 percent in favor and 46 percent against. The approved bill gives regulatory control of marijuana to the state’s liquor control board. It will also allow Oregon citizens to ... Read More »