Friday , 17 November 2017

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Revised Cannabis Oil Bill Heads to Idaho Senate

A bill fronted by Republican Sen. Curt McKenzie, which would protect those who use medication derived from cannabis from possible prosecution, passed through the Senate State Affairs Committee March 20. The oil would be used in the treatment of some forms of severe epilepsy. Revised Cannabis Oil Bill Heads to Idaho Senate Other versions of the measure had stalled at ... Read More »

Will Italy be the Next Country to Legalize Marijuana?

Will Italy be the Next Country to Legalize Marijuana? Italian lawmakers have taken on a bold stance by signing a motion to legalize marijuana across the country. A group of 60 politicians signed on to the measure, led by Senator Bendetto Della Vendova. “In view of the failure of prohibition, the group will draft a pragmatic, non-ideological bill regulating the ... Read More »

Alaska Cops Search Club of Reporter Who Quit on Live TV

A former Alaska TV reporter who quit her job while on live air to advocate for medical marijuana is getting the fight she wanted. Authorities searched the Alaska Cannabis Club on Friday after receiving multiple reports of illegal sales of pot and other derivatives at the medical marijuana dispensary, the Anchorage Police Department said in a statement. Police did not ... Read More »

North Carolina Medical Marijuana Legalization

A North Carolina lawmaker has spearheaded a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the state, citing increased public support for legal weed and the inflow of tax revenue that would come with medical pot sales. State Rep. Kelly Alexander, a Democrat, has attempted such legislation three times before but said he’s more confident than ever that the bill could ... Read More »

Legal Cannabis Oil Comes to Missouri

For the first time in nearly 80 years, Legal Cannabis Oil Comes to Missouri. This opens up to the fact that  cannabis will now be grown legally in Missouri, as well. In July, 2014, Governor Nixon signed into law the Missouri Medical Marijuana bill. This week the licenses were granted by the Missouri Department of Agriculture to the two non ... Read More »

Cannabis Officially Legal in Washington DC

As of Midnight Thursday, marijuana is now legal in Washington, D.C. There is still some skepticism about, how long weed will remain decriminalized in the nation’s capital. After D.C. residents voted in support of legal pot in November, 2014, Congress still attempted to block the bill by attaching preventative measures in an unrelated $1.1 trillion spending deal. However, the definition ... Read More »

Washington State Has Too Much Pot

Supply is outweighing demand in the legal recreational marijuana industry in the state of Washington. Growers who jumped into the new legal market hoping to make a killing in cannabis are now getting killed by a overload of product. That overload in supply has taken away the control over price once held by Washington’s marijuana growers. Now the state’s retail ... Read More »

Virginia Assembly Gives the OK on Cannabis Oil for Epilepsy

The Virginia Assembly Gives the OK on Cannabis Oil for Epilepsy. According its House sponsor, Del. Dave Albo, this is the first effective medical marijuana legislation to win approval in Virginia. The measure, created by Albo, passed by the House 98-0 Tuesday. The new legislation allows possession of cannabidiol oil or THC-A oil with written certification by a doctor that ... Read More »

The New Cannabis Culture in Colorado

The New Cannabis Culture in Colorado Check out the video for information on the new cannabis culture in Colorado. With so many changes in legislation over the last few years. More states can expect their own culture to alter a bit around the new legalization policies. While a few states are still launching complaints about the issue, it seems that ... Read More »

Seattle Gets A Cannabis Vending Machine

A new era in the already new era of legalized marijuana begins as Seattle gets a cannabis vending machine. As you can see, the machine won’t be placed out in public where everyone and their uncarded mother can swagger up and hie off with some freshly dispensed weed. Seattle residents will still have to enter a dispensary, present their medical ... Read More »

Vermont Projects 75 Million Profit from Marijuana Legalization

Vermont could follow Colorado in raking in millions of tax dollars from the sale of weed, according to a new study—but only if the drug remains illegal in surrounding states. To be clear, weed is currently legal in Vermont, but only for medical purposes. A bill to make the drug legal for recreational purposes is expected to come before the ... Read More »

The State of Cannabis Laws in Virginia

As anyone from Virginia probably suspected, cannabis laws in Virginia are unlikely to change any time soon. While 4 states have legalized marijuana and 17 have decriminalized for possession of small amounts, arrests in Virginia are rising. Police in Virginia arrest 20,000-25,000 people a year for possession of marijuana, and this is one of 16 states where the numbers have ... Read More »