Thursday , 19 October 2017


Can Cannabis Help with Chronic Skin Conditions?

In recent medical history, compounds made with cannabis have repeatedly shown to help alleviate the symptoms of a variety of chronic skin conditions. The conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema have shown, that the endocannabinoid system seems to play a strong role in the regulation of the handful of key processes behind inflammation. Recent studies have even showed that an ... Read More »

Cabinetboys, Cabinoise, Cabinmadoids…You Mean CANNABINOIDS.

Those things in pot that help people. Cannabinoids? ¬†Of course, cannabinoids. What we thought we knew about cannabis is only a drop in the bucket. As we continue to learn and share with others the scientific theory and evidence reported by highly educated and skilled scientists in research and development, new awareness and possibility bloom into imagination and innovation. Without ... Read More »

The Great Cannabis Debate – Does Marijuana Harm Immature Brains?

We likely all have a few personal biases when it comes to cannabis. Some of those biases are in favor of legalization for medicinal and recreational use and of course, some of those biases are against it. Thankfully, we have the ability to think critically – shoving aside those biases in search of the literal truth. That which is not ... Read More »

Potential Cannabis Legislation on Capitol Hill

After 23 states have legalized the presence of marijuana in some capacity, and several more heavily considering it in the next legislative season, it was only a matter of time that a shift in policy on such a prevalent scale would require support and some alignment with federal legislation. Earlier this month, a Congressional push by a group of bipartisan ... Read More »

Cannabis Prohibitionist’s Suspicious Schizophrenia Claim

An argument you will often hear in a debate on the legalization of cannabis is that it causes or worsens schizophrenia, or that it can exacerbate psychosis. Even the New York Times has been active in disputing these age-old, reefer madness era claims. Their piece on The Marijuana-Schizophrenia Link explained how though the Federal government’s recent evaluation of cannabis health ... Read More »

Your Brain on Drugs: Cannabis vs Other Substances

I am always in favor of leaning on good, clean science when it comes to understanding how any given chemical works on the brain. I am also for shying far away from ever comparing marijuana to any other substance classified as a drug. While it actually is a very effective drug in any cases, I think it is highly damaging ... Read More »

THC vs CBD in fMRI Studies

This interesting study seems to have components that could simultaneously anger and appease pro-cannabis activists and anti-legalization groups alike. A unique brain study shows results that suggest that two of the most popular active ingredients, THC and CBD, may impact the brain in different ways. For some, this can mean the mellowing effect; relaxation and the munchies. For others, this ... Read More »

Colorado Medical Marijuana Research Grant Program

Resent measures supported by politicians have given rise to the idea that a change in attitude has been brought to the table regarding medical marijuana. As 23 states have voted in favor of some form of medical marijuana legislation, momentum builds towards the federal level and Colorado sits at the forefront as a national leader in the development of the ... Read More »

What Does Science Have to Say about Cannabis?

It’s time to face the facts. Marijuana really does have medicinal benefits. While most of the country seems to have come around to a greater understanding of cannabis these days, it seems that not all of our leaders do. It seems that way because it isn’t currently legal for medicinal purposes in every state in this nation. It should be. ... Read More »

The State of Medical Marijuana Today

One of the biggest issues for medical marijuana patients today is that in some circumstances, the federal government can still prosecute patients and providers of medical cannabis. A recent amendment that was aimed at preventing the fed from charging in these cases now has broad bi-partisan support. This could also represent a unique opportunity for members of our elected government ... Read More »