Thursday , 19 October 2017


Study Shows Five Percent of Californians Have Treated Serious Medical Conditions with Cannabis

NORML set out with a study to help gather information on the commonly held belief among prohibitionists, that medical marijuana is being overused by individuals who are healthy and do not meet requirements for medicinal marijuana. As is usual with the fear-monger types, it seems their claims are entirely unfounded. According to NORML’s population-based surveillance data recently published in the ... Read More »

How Many Medical Marijuana Patients are in the U.S.?

I see this question posed on all of the social networks and quite often. Unfortunately, with California’s current system, there will likely never be a definitive answer for this. Even the California branch of NORML admits there is no true way to pin this number down since California allows physician approvals to designate patients. No card system is  utilized. 2,421,069 ... Read More »

Synthetic Marijuana Versus Legalized Marijuana

I know I am not the only one who cringes every time they hear about some kid dying from using synthetic marijuana. It seems so futile. So useless. So hopeless. And so, so wrong. It’s also easy to think that no one has to use it. Certainly true on all accounts. To those individuals I will agree. No one has ... Read More »

Cannabis Research, Clinical Trials Underway


As the demand for research and knowledge increases, the US National Institute of Health posts funding made available for specific requests for research. The grants are listed on the Federal Grants website, and includes a complete description, key deliverables, amount allocated to each initiative, and the parameters the granting research company must stay within as they report findings. RESEARCH GRANTS ... Read More »

Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Caregiver Application

Patient registration for the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program started yesterday. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is accepting applications for qualifying patients and caregivers who wish to apply for a medical cannabis identification card. Applications are being accepted both electronically and through the mail. “We are excited to enter into this phase of the Program,” said Bob Morgan, ... Read More »

Bad Cannabis Oil Puts Ill Children in Danger

While the desperation of parents seeking cannabis oil to treat their chronically or even critically ill children is more than understandable, the sheer need alone has already produced at least one nefarious manufacturer. Some parents in Victoria, B.C., have received a substance touted as cannabis oil that was concocted of nothing but methylated spirits, alcohol and water. An analyst for ... Read More »

Why Some Long Term Smokers Quit Smoking Weed

Have you ever known a seriously dedicated weedhead that suddenly quit smoking? I have and this phenomenon has always intrigued me. So much so that throughout the years, whenever I heard of this happening, I went out of my way to find that individual and ask them. Why? I’ve heard several reasons over the years that are to be expected. ... Read More »

Clinical Studies that Debunk False Claims about Cannabis

There are so many false claims about cannabis that it’s almost impossible to cover them in one article. Or one day. Or probably a year of non-stop talking. That seems strange all by itself considering the plant has never killed anyone. Regardless, we are only going to address a few false claims you’ll commonly hear from the anti-cannabis crowd. The ... Read More »

Can Cannabis Cut Down National Painkiller Deaths?

I almost feel like I am the last person who should write on this topic, but at the same time I feel like it’s critically important to share the truth and just sincerely hope it doesn’t affect me negatively. I have remained silent on this issue but an ABC article by Dr. Jamie Zimmerman compelled me to take the time ... Read More »

How to Get A Medical Marijuana Card

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The Passionate Debate Surrounding Medical Marijuana

Back in 1972 when Congress placed cannabis on the Schedule I of The Controlled Substances Act, it was considered to have “No Accepted Medical Use.” However, since then, we have had incredible scientific and sometimes not-so-scientific discoveries that have shown that marijuana does indeed, have plenty of medicinal use. So what’s the problem? The Debate Surrounding Medical Marijuana While supporters ... Read More »

Marijuana And Depression

It’s fairly common to hear individuals say that they use cannabis to combat their depression. It might be just as common to hear a variety of medical professionals say that it is just as detrimental to depression as alcohol is. However, too many who have self-medicated for years are likely to voice their disagreement with that to allow it to ... Read More »