Friday , 20 October 2017


Marijuana Health Benefits Infographics

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First Look at the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program

The Minnesota Legislature’s recent passage of medical cannabis legislation has raised many questions regarding both the science behind the marijuana initiative, as well as the details of implementation of the State’s program. While details of the State’s program remain under development and are at this point unknown, this Pearl will attempt to briefly summarize the issue to help guide discussion ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana Infographic

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Should Cannabis Users Worry about Lung Disease?

An interesting article went down my feed earlier and I can’t help but want to take the time to debunk it. However, please note that as with any other personal experience, one’s personal experience does not make a rule. This one was just too hard to resist with some special knowledge from a recent personal experience. The Experience Although I ... Read More »

Dad Gives Cannabis Oil to Toddler Battling Brain Cancer

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Access to Medical Marijuana Will Be Easier for Veterans

 As should have been long before now, a new bill is being drafted by the House of Representatives that will make access to medical cannabis much easier for our nation’s veterans. he Veterans Equal Access Act, cosponsored by representatives Earl Blumenaur (D-OR) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), would make it easier for veterans to obtain medical Mary Jane in states where it ... Read More »

Dawson MP George Christensen Supports Medical Marijuana

Officals in North Queensland are throwing in their support for the legalization of medical marijuana. The MP for Dawson, George Christensen, has come out in favor for the use of cannabis for medical purposes. He has shared that he would most definitely like to see the plant legalized on a federal level. Bill Headed to Parliment Next Week According to ... Read More »

See the Real Faces of Cannabis

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The Science Behind Marijuana Ingestion and the Human Body Infographic

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Pets and Cannabis

Some people feel like it’s okay to give their dogs or cats a little taste of weed from time to time. And while many of those prefer to blow the smoke into their animals faces there’s a couple of important issues to look at when that’s your method of delivery. I am fully aware that some animals LIKE it. That ... Read More »

Does Cannabis Use Diminish Creativity?

This is actually an issue that I’ve considered many times over my lifetime. I am fortunate to have the ability to remove myself from situations and view them objectively as an outside observer, in most cases. This is certainly one that I have researched and kept up with over the years, and for that reason, I always read about any ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana Bill Hits Wall of Obstruction in Pennsylvania House

While leaders of the Republican House in Pennsylvania aren’t saying Never, they are saying Not Now. On Monday, staffers for House Majority Leader, Mike Tuzai, shared that the caucus intends to take a thorough look at the cannabis bill that passed the senate last week. However, this means that there is little to no chance that the legislation, which passed ... Read More »