Thursday , 19 October 2017


Cannabis Oil Successfully Treats Teen’s Crohns

A young boy has been successfully treated for Crohns disease with cannabis oil. Cannabis Oil Successfully Treats Teen’s Crohns There is new research on the use of marijuana as medicine in Colorado and a Marijuana and Health Symposium at National Jewish Health on Saturday explored nearly a dozen studies looking at using pot for things like seizures and insomnia. Four ... Read More »

Parents of Autistic Children Trying Medical Cannabis

Many parents of autistic children have run the gamut of medications for their children. For many, none of them have been effective, leaving parents to worry if they should just keep giving their child another medication with no value. You’d have to admit, parent or not, that it would be a difficult decision then to try a medication that isn’t ... Read More »

US Senate Votes to Allow Veterans Access to Medical Marijuana

While it may not seem so, with so much cannabis legislation flip-flopping around the senate these days, this is absolutely, unequivocally, a huge deal. With so much controversy, in and around the issue of our nation’s veterans, when the US Senate Votes to Allow Veterans Access to Medical Marijuana, it’s time for the rest of us to jump up and ... Read More »

Norfolk Island to Export High Grade Medical Marijuana

An Australian company is about to start growing and exporting medicinal cannabis from the self-governing Australian territory of Norfolk Island. AusCann Group Holdings has struck a landmark deal with the Norfolk Island government to grow a high-grade medicinal strain of cannabis from November. It intends to export its entire first crop to Canada by the middle of next year. An ... Read More »

5 Illnesses that Could be Helped with Cannabis

While there are far, far more than 5 illnesses that could have symptoms alleviated, or in other ways, help the person dealing with the illness cope, here are 5 that could certainly appreciate the benefits of cannabis. AIDS/HIV In a human study of 10 HIV-positive marijuana smokers, scientists found people who smoked marijuana ate better, slept better and experienced a ... Read More »

Sanjay Gupta on Marijuana

Sanjay Gupta on Marijuana

By now, most are aware of the CNN report on Marijuana titled “Weed” They have created a part 2 as well, but we here at Marijuana Connect like to show the whole picture whenever possible, so here is a great collaboration of various YouTube discussions and Sanjay Gupta on Marijuana. WEED Part 1 – A CNN Special Report by Dr. ... Read More »

Minnesota Girl Whose Illness Inspired her Parents Advocacy Dies

Katelyn Faith Pauling, who helped change Minnesota’s marijuana laws, died Friday, just months before the drug that might have eased her seizure disorder becomes legal. She was 8 years old. “She did a lot while she was here,” said her father, Jeremy Pauling, who spent much of last year traveling from the family home in Montevideo, Minn., to St. Paul, ... Read More »

Introduction to Edibles

Watch this great video by Jane Dro on an Introduction to Edibles! Read More »

Marijuana IS Less Harmful than Tobacco and Alcohol

Several of the local news sites have been sharing a newly released study that says Marijuana might be less harmful than tobacco and alcohol. I’m not even going there. I refuse to accept that shaky loose language. Marijuana IS Less Harmful than Tobacco and Alcohol. What little real science we have on the matter says so. Thousands of years of ... Read More »

Tennessee Family Pushes for Legalized Cannabis Oil

Josie Mathes celebrated her first birthday last month, but her life already has some pretty drastic restrictions for a little girl. Josie can’t sit or crawl. She barely handles solid foods and what should be a little girl toddling around with fresh walking skills, she is pretty much still an infant for the care she requires and the limitations she ... Read More »

Medical Cannabis and Cancer Research Slideshow

Cannabis College: Medical Cannabis and Cancer Research from Green CulturED Read More »

Thousands of Activists Rally Around Father Arrested over Cannabis Oil

Adam Koessler was arrested for giving his child cannabis oil. His daughter, Rumer Rose, is suffering from late-stage cancer, is barred from seeing the 2-year-old because of bail conditions, the Mirror reported. Thousands are now rallying to support Koessler for giving his dying daughter cannabis oil to relieve the harshest symptoms. Koessler the oil led to a incredible improvement for the ... Read More »