Friday , 17 November 2017


Some Patients Turned Away from Illinois Medical Marijuana

llinois’ medical marijuana dispensaries opened their doors Monday and have begun processing patients who will receive the first batches of the drug under the state’s four-year pilot programs. At EarthMed, a dispensary in Addison, the first patient to legally purchase pot, Chris Favela, 19, emerged with a small, opaque canister of a strain called Grape God. He paid $180 for ... Read More »

Magistrate Snatches Newborn From Mother Who Used Cannabis Tea for Pain Relief

Before she gave birth to her daughter, Nova, at Cleveland’s Fairview Hospital on September 26, Hollie Sanford used cannabis tea to relieve severe sciatic nerve pain. Her research convinced her marijuana was a safer choice than the painkillers she had been prescribed, and she may be right about that. While there’s little evidence that consuming marijuana during pregnancy harms the ... Read More »

Fort Collins Cannabis Investors Awarded $100,000

A Fort Collins startup specializing in studying hemp was recently awarded roughly $100,000 by a Denver-based group of investors. New West Genetics plans to use the funds to hire additional staff and solve production challenges. The company creates strains of industrial hemp by combining the science used to study genetics with traditional agriculture breeding techniques, the Rockies Venture Club announced ... Read More »

25 Idaho children to take part in cannabis oil program

Cannabis oil will be used in Idaho to help some children suffering from persistent seizures. Gov. Otter signed an executive order in April allowing the very limited use of the drug, and that program is only a couple of weeks away from starting. Twenty-five children will be selected to take part in the program and they will be those with ... Read More »

Patient Advocates Call on the Fed to Remove Cannabis Research Barriers

Researchers associated with McGill University and the University of British Columbia recently published results from a study showing that medical cannabis patients were no more likely to suffer serious adverse events during treatment than non-cannabis patients. “Cannabis for the Management of Pain: Assessment of Safety Study (COMPASS),” published online in the Journal of Pain, monitored the health of chronic pain ... Read More »

Cannabis is Safe for Chronic Pain

Patients with chronic pain who used cannabis daily for one year did not have an increase in serious adverse events compared to pain patients who did not use cannabis, according to a new study. “This is the first and largest study of the long term safety of medical cannabis use by patients suffering from chronic pain ever conducted,” says lead ... Read More »

Australian Medical Cannabis Company Sells First Pot Pill

Australian medical cannabis company MMJ PhytoTech Limited has just sold its first marijuana pills. The bad news: They are only available in Europe. The capsules were sold in August via a Swiss-based subsidiary, Satipharm. 10 milligrams of the medication will set you back 89 euros (A$139.95). Australian Medical Cannabis Company Sells First Pot Pill The pills are registered as a ... Read More »

Science Shows Cannabis Doesn’t Shrink Brains

Two recently published studies might have put the last couple of nails in the coffin on the idea that smoking cannabis shrinks the brain, but the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) quickly jumped in to say it’s still too early to declare the herb safe enough for legalization. Science Shows Cannabis Doesn’t Shrink Brains David Goldman, M.D. ... Read More »

Cannabis Oil Last Hope for Texas Child with Epilepsy

In June, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that legalized the use of cannabis oil for epilepsy patients, making Texas the 16th state to allow access to limited medical use of marijuana-derived oils. Cannabis Oil Last Hope for Texas Child with Epilepsy “A lot of Texans are ready to see access to medical marijuana for those patients that ... Read More »

Cannabis and the Brain

Two studies and an editorial published online by JAMA Psychiatry examine associations between cannabis use and the brain. Cannabis and the Brain In the first study, David Pagliaccio, Ph.D., formerly of Washington University in St. Louis, and now at the National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, Md., and coauthors analyzed data from a group of twin/siblings (n=483 with 262 participants ... Read More »

Georgia Cannabis Registry Sign Up

As of last week, more than 130 patients have qualified for Georgia’s new medical marijuana registry after its first 50 days of business. For details on how patients, doctors and regulators are adapting to the new, read the complete story on Here are the key points in Georgia’s medical marijuana law: Who may apply to the state’s new registry? ... Read More »

Misinformed Cannabis Policies Prevent Access to Life-Saving Treatments

Interpreting scientific evidence isn’t always an easy task: it involves assessing a massive set of studies and sometimes coming up against competing findings. Take the issue of cannabis potency, for example, which is in the news again with the Canadian federal government’s recent anti-cannabis television advertisements. These ads claim that cannabis potency has increased on average by up to 400 ... Read More »