Friday , 17 November 2017


Will DC Ignore Voters on Decriminalization?

The passage of Initiative 71, which voters backed by a 2-to-1 margin, presents a challenge to the Republicans who now control both houses of Congress. Will they respect democracy and local control, or will they insist that Washingtonians toe a prohibitionist line that is steadily disappearing? Initiative 71 allows adults 21 or older to possess two ounces or less of ... Read More »

Only 15 Days Left to Decide on 8 Critical Cannabis Votes

We only have 15 days left until voters can voice their desires on November 4th. Several cities and states around the nation will have the opportunity to get behind the growing movement to help end all forms of cannabis prohibition. Now is the time to get prepared to put in your policy changing vote. Up for Vote November 4th, 2014 ... Read More »

AG Eric Holder says Marijuana Classification Deserves Reconsideration

As Eric Holder plans to leave the Attorney General’s office at the end of this year, he did share his opinion on marijuana’s current schedule I classification with Yahoo’s Katie Couric. In the interview, Holder shared that “the question of whether or not they should be in the same category is something that I think we need to ask ourselves, ... Read More »

Philadelphia Is Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession

In a historical landmark move, the Mayor of Philadelphia has stated that he would support any legislation that will move to decriminalize marijuana possession. This will officially make Philly one of America’s largest cities to turn back punitive drug laws. The bill on the table, which Michael Nutter said he would plan to endorse would remove the criminalization of cannabis ... Read More »

Denver Seeking to Ban Hash Oil Extraction

Denver City officials are looking to bar the home practice of solvent based hash oil extraction, a process which utilizes butane or another highly flammable compressed gas as a means to extract oil from cannabis. This measure was enacted in response to a string of recent home explosions which have resulted in several injuries and some fatalities statewide. Using the ... Read More »

Arkansas Legalization Proposals Show Promise

The efforts to legalize for recreational or medicinal use in Arkansas has certainly had its fair share of hurdles and roadblocks. However, efforts are geared towards making Arkansas one of the first southern states to legalize medicinal or recreational cannabis. That is, if any of the three ballot measures have success in the 2016 election. While one of the measures ... Read More »

Will Morocco Join the Green Rush?

Morocco has had an ongoing debate over the production of marijuana for quite some time. Two of their opposing political parties have submitted their own draft laws that could legalize cannabis for industrial and therapeutic purposes. The involved parties, the Authenticity and Modernity Party or PAM, and The Istiqlal Party have proposed new laws that would allow cannabis production in ... Read More »

Marijuana Legalization vs. White House

Recently, the NY Times published an editorial advocating legalization of marijuana and then the White House fired back with a not-so-convincing response on its website. The response was less of a scientific explanation, but more of a statement compelled out of law code. Let’s have a look from both the angles. The Demand for for Schedule Change White House issued a statement stating that ... Read More »

Scott Perry Submits Bill to Legalize Charlotte’s Web

After meeting with a gravely ill child in his district, Rep. Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania, says he was inspired to submit his bill. If the bill is approved, it would eliminate CBD-oil and “therapeutic hemp” from the controlled substances act that currently bans all forms of marijuana. The “Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014,” is aimed at ... Read More »

New York Times Tells the US to Grow Up on Cannabis Reform

While many states have recently defied federal legislation and initiated new legislation of their own, on the federal level, individuals who grow, use or transport cannabis can still be treated as criminals and subject to years in prison, fines and seizure of property. Due to the Controlled Substances Act that still regards cannabis under the spelling marihuana, it seems there ... Read More »