Thursday , 19 October 2017


Bernie Sanders Introduces Marijuana Bill to Senate

Vermont Senator and presidential candidate hopeful Bernie Sanders introduced a bill to the United States Senate on Wednesday that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana and allow states to vote on medical and recreational marijuana use without having any sort of federal intervention. It’s the first time a bill has been introduced that would formally end federal prohibition and ... Read More »

Hemp Arrives in South Carolina

Walk along the aisles of Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Earth Fare or health food and supplement specialty stores and you’ll see hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp milk and hemp oil. Hemp versus Marijuana Both hemp and marijuana come from the same plant cannabis sativa, but the difference between the two basically lies in its level of tetrahydrocannabinol, or ... Read More »

Oregon is Expunging Cannabis Convictions

As the exciting opening day of recreational cannabis sales for Oregon nears, another trail-blazing change is coming to the Beaver State. Oregon is Expunging Cannabis Convictions Along with legalization, Oregon will also be expunging past cannabis convictions, with a special priority for those who were under 21 at the time of the conviction. For the first time ever, a governor ... Read More »

Ad Hoc Committee Reflects on Cannabis Legislations

A combination of three different proposed bills, the legislation is lengthy and intended to improve the regulatory structure of specifically medical cannabis production, distribution, and sale within the state. The bill reclassifies cannabis as an agricultural crop regulated primarily under the Department of Food & Agriculture, but includes coordination with a range of state agencies in the new guidelines. Ad ... Read More »

FBI: One Person Arrested for Cannabis Every 45 Seconds

While states across the nation continue to legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, police have apparently ramped up their enforcement against the herb. In fact, the latest national crime data published this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigations indicates that cops arrested people for marijuana at an alarming rate in 2014, revealing an increase in overall cannabis arrests ... Read More »

What is Next in Cannabis Legislation?

Tuesday morning, Studio A64 owner and statesman of all things dank and sticky K.C. Stark invited District 17 state Rep. Kit Roupe, R-Colorado Springs, into his studio to discuss cannabis legislation, as part of the Cannabis Business Hour on Roupe, Stark, and local attorney  Charles T. Houghton, Esq. discussed a variety of still-pending concerns, including PTSD and medical marijuana, but ... Read More »

Bobby Jindal Signs Cannabis Reform Legislation

Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal signed legislation this past Monday which will significantly reduce criminal penalties for cannabis possession offenses. House Bill 149, which took effect upon signing, amends the state’s toughest-in-the-nation repeat offender laws for marijuana possession offenses. Bobby Jindal Signs Cannabis Reform Legislation Under the previous law, second-time possession offenders faced up to five years of hard labor in ... Read More »

America vs Marijuana in the First Year of Legalization Infographic

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White House Lifts Restrictions on Cannabis Research

The Obama administration is making marijuana research one step easier to attain. The White House announced on Monday the removal of the Public Health Service (PHS) review requirement needed to gain federal approval for marijuana research, reports the Huffington Post. The PHS review has been called to be lifted by bipartisan lawmakers as well as both legalization and prohibition advocates. ... Read More »

Lawmakers Will Participate in Cannabis Vote-O-Thon

Lawmakers Will Participate in Cannabis Vote-O-Thon Lawmakers are prepping for what could turn into a cannabis vote-0-thon Wednesday. Cannabis advocates are expecting lawmakers to introduce at least a half dozen cannabis-related appropriations amendments that would roll back the DOJ’s authority to enforce drug laws around the country. “The politics have continued to shift in favor of marijuana law reform,” said ... Read More »

The First Church of Cannabis is IRS Approved

While our country was founded on secular principals, there are still those who seem unable to accept it and will push their religious agenda in order to deny others equal rights. However, those laws can and will likely be used for reasons they weren’t intended to work for. The First Church of Cannabis is IRS Approved Welcome to the First ... Read More »

House Votes Down Medical Marijuana for Veterans

While the vote may not have gone our way in this issue, there are reasons to be hopeful.  Last night the U.S. House voted down a bipartisan amendment by  Representative Joe Heck (R-NV) and Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) that would have allowed VA doctors to recommend cannabis to patients. The House rejected a similar amendment last year. It received 195 ... Read More »