Thursday , 23 November 2017


Recreational Cannabis and Children

I set this to post early on Sunday morning with the sincere hope that it reaches as many eyes as possible today. Whether you’re still up or just climbing out of bed, I think it’s important to address the serious issue of what it means to be a responsible cannabis using parent in recreationally legalized and medicinally allowed states. You ... Read More »

Legalizing Marijuana Does Not Increase Teen Use

Although we keep seeing it over and over again at various less-than-reputable news sources, like Fox, legalizing marijuana does not increase teen use. In fact, the passage of state laws that have recreational use has not shown any increase in use among teens. In Colorado, studies show that teen use has actually gone down since recreational legalization. We already have ... Read More »

Canadian Court Rules for Topicals and Edibles

Edibles are certainly not new on the cannabis scene but they have recently begun to grow in popularity. In leaps and bounds, in fact. Many feel like edibles, tinctures, oils and topicals are a great way to medicate. They would be right. It is specifically important for a wide range of people who can benefit from the positive effects of ... Read More »

3 in 5 Canadians Would Vote for Legalized Pot

In a new survey by Angus Reid Global, 3 out of 5 Canadians would vote to legalize cannabis. These same polls also reflected a desire that officials should do more to prevent more serious crimes. Cannabis possession not being considered one of those. It seems that nationally, women were only slightly less supportive of legalization with those polled agreeing at ... Read More »

Uruguay Needs Growers for their Legalization Program

It looks like Uruguay has sent out a call for American Growers to join them in their nationalized legalization efforts. Even though the United States is still failing in their attempts to justify the nearly 100 year old war on marijuana, Uruguay is working hard on a smooth national legalization policy. Even though the current projection for the Uruguay cannabis ... Read More »

From the Black Market to the Green Rush

Amendment 64 With the passage of Amendment 64, Colorado State legislature made a landmark achievement in becoming the first state in history to establish a regulated marijuana industry for adults. The adoption of this Amendment was a historic milestone, and brought Colorado closer to establishing the world’s first legal, regulated, and taxed marijuana market, expediting the shift from the botched ... Read More »

Retail Marijuana: The Banking Issue

Bar none, the most widely accepted aspect of the legalization of recreational marijuana is the generation of millions of dollars in tax revenue.  Experts estimate that by years end, total marijuana tax profits will exceed 100 million.  Still, the all-out unavailability of traditional banking resources remains the greatest challenge the industry faces. State vs. the Feds When Colorado voters declared ... Read More »

Legislation, Cannabis and Cannabusiness

With our nation’s recent legislation on Cannabis, a whole new world has opened up for entrepreneurs. Cannabusiness. That doesn’t mean that the road isn’t paved with a lot of speed bumps to actually get these businesses off the ground and functioning. With Colorado raking in amazing amounts of tax dollars in their legalization effort, it seems that all that new ... Read More »

Marijuana and Legalization

There is a long and quite confusing history when it comes to marijuana and its legalization. We’ve gone from the Reefer Madness of the 1930’s, to the full scientific understanding behind how marijuana provides relief to sufferers of a large variety of illnesses. Our most recent discoveries include the understanding that the CBD, or Cannabidiol available in this plant can ... Read More »