Wednesday , 22 November 2017


Voters Still Waiting on Rand Paul to Make Up his Mind on Marijuana

As marijuana policy becomes a major issue in the 2016 presidential race, Rand Paul has made a name for himself as a champion of reform within the Republican party — but while he reaps the political benefits of appearing sensible on marijuana laws, it’s still unclear where the Senator stands on ending marijuana prohibition. Voters Still Waiting on Rand Paul ... Read More »

Medical Marijuana on the Way to Boston

With two years of controversy behind them, Boston’s first medical cannabis dispensary is finally on its way. Or at least that’s the promise Patriot Care executive VP Dennis Kunian made this past Tuesday. Medical Marijuana on the Way to Boston The location is footsteps from Washington Street and Downtown Crossing and some of the most expensive office space in the ... Read More »

Chris Christie Wants to Destroy Marijuana

I know, I know. Dramatic title. But that’s how I feel about pretty much anything Christie aims his wide sights on. I don’t know if his blood pressure will hold up to 2017, but as far as he’s concerned, the second he’s ushered in as the new POTUS, he’s laying the smack down on recreational and even medical marijuana when ... Read More »

UK May Debate Legalizing Cannabis with 150,000 Petition Signatures

U.K. lawmakers may be given the opportunity to debate legalizing cannabis after a petition supporting the move received more than 150,000 signatures. The electronic petition, which calls for the legalization of the production, sale and use of cannabis, or marijuana, attracted in excess of 155,000 supporters by lunchtime Monday. This exceeds the 100,000-signature threshold beyond which the House of Commons ... Read More »

Carry On Marijuana

Thanks to a new law, it’s now fine to fly out of Oregon’s Portland International Airport with pot. But only if you’re flying to one of the four other Beaver State airports served by PDX. Fresh signs in the PDX terminal remind passengers that state and federal laws prohibit taking marijuana across state lines. “But the way the law is ... Read More »

Donate To Denver’s Social Cannabis Use Campaign

There is an effort underway in Denver to try to legalize limited social cannabis use. You can use alcohol at bars, so why not be able to consume cannabis in certain forms, under certain conditions? Below is more information about the effort via the campaign’s crowdfunding page. You can donate to the effort at this link here: We need to ... Read More »

Proposed Anchorage Alaska Ordinance May Spread through USA

I knew it wouldn’t be long after legalization that an ordinance like this would make its way to a legislative panel. In essence, it really is a good idea. My husband and I have years ago taken this action when it comes to alcohol. He enjoys it but when we purchase it, it goes right in the trunk until it ... Read More »

Oregon Cannabis Fans Want to Cash in on New Law

More than a thousand marijuana enthusiasts and entrepreneurs met in Oregon on Friday to swap samples, contacts and business tips in hopes of profiting from the state’s new law allowing the recreational use of pot. Oregon Cannabis Fans Want to Cash in on New Law Licensed growers handed out free tastes, gardening experts displayed organic plant food and artists sold ... Read More »

Insurance Companies Begin to Notice Legal Weed

The marijuana industry’s shady past and current illegal status at the federal level have kept most insurance companies from offering policies to the new industry. “Few and far between,” is the way Paul Warshaw CEO of cannabis delivery service GreenRush in California describes the options. His technology company works with more than fifty medical marijuana dispensaries and he says many of ... Read More »

One Year After Legal Cannabis in Washington

Washington launched its second-in-the-nation legal marijuana market with just a handful of stores selling high-priced pot to long lines of customers. A year later, the state has about 160 shops open, tax revenues have soared past expectations and sales top $1.4 million per day. And who knows — the industry might even start making some money. One Year After Legal ... Read More »

Cannabis is Not a Gateway Drug

Smoking marijuana when bored increases the likelihood that a teenager will go on to try harder, class A drugs, scientists have warned. Cannabis is the most prevalent drug in the US, and is licensed for medicinal use in 23 states. A new study has now revealed that around 70 per cent of the 2.8 million individuals who first used illegal ... Read More »

Columbia is Bringing Cannabis Back

Back when Juan Pablo Guzman started his cannabis cultivation business nearly two decades ago, the Colombian says he had to get permission from the country’s FARC rebels, the military and the police to bring his crops down from a small, 2-hectare plot up in the subtropical forests in the department of Cauca. But Guzman doesn’t consider himself a drug trafficker. ... Read More »